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Serious answer first. Yes!!! I am afraid that California will soon get the big earthquake that has been predicted for so many years. And now the funny answer. Is The end!!!!!. 2012. All the protesters will get sick by a fecal virus and turn into Zombies and then Herman Cain will become president and slap 999 on Americans foreheads and then the rest of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think anynody who lives on a n island with valcanos should know they will erupt. Most of them for in the water that way. Its only a matter of time before it does what its supposed to do. It is horrible. But its natural accourance. Probably some things bad will happen because of it. I dunno if somethin worse is coming. But chances are there will be worse.

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No, they aren’t a sign of worse things to come, they are a sign of volcanism and tectonic movement in those areas. This earth isn’t a static rock ball. It’s broken slices of rock floating on a ball of liquid, molten, hot rock. It moves constantly, though it moves slowly. We need to accept that the ground beneath our feet is not rock solid.

Actually, I expect that “worse things” will come to USA west coast. The entire tectonic plate beneath the Pacific Ocean has experienced bad earthquakes in the last years. Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Southeast Asia…. All the pacific plate borders EXCEPT western North America. And the big, big quake in the San Andreas Fault has been overdue when I was in school. And that was 15 Years ago.

I do expect a 9+ quake in the LA area some time soon.

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Idk, but s**t better end soon, because I am sick and tired, of these gosh darn predictions, on this gosh darn earth…gats patsy

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The New Madrid Fault Line which is in The United state’s heart of the Midwest, spans 5 states and crosses the Mississippi River in three places and the Ohio River in two. If or should I say when an earthquake occurs and it measures anywhere near an 8 it will be catastropic. Governments have pretty much ignored warnings or developed any “what if” plans so the devastation would be crippling to the U.S.

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Firstly, Turkey and Japan weren’t volcanic eruptions they were earthquakes and a tsunami, big difference there, secondly it’s all geological, none of that 2012 the world is going to end crap

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Turkey is concerned that the earthquake will cause the volcano to erupt - my correction, thanks. However, in Japan, the Sakurajima Volcano has had an mushroom cloud eruption. Furthermore - when did I say anything about 2012?

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I said 2012 :)

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Even though i try to convince myself 2012 is not true…i kinda have a feeling it might be true…i mean my country suffered a serious earthquake not long ago too… it was freakkyyy…maybe yes, it is the signs of something worse…

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Many cultural beliefs point in that direction including the diverse tribal groups of Native American Indians.

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