Who has some cool facts about World Water Week coming up on 20 May, 2011?

I have to send out an e-mail at a work place with more than 5000 employees making them aware of World Water Week and what it means to us as humans. I have looked on the internet, but feel a little overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. I was wondering if anyone can help me with some cool facts about world water week, especially if possible relating to the human water consumption over the past decade or century and what it means to tne environment. Some cool sources will also be appreciated.


Answer #1

Just one quick thing off the top of my head: All the water on the earth now is the same water that has been here since the beginning. We are using the same water that people before us used. It gets treated, used, goes down the drain and treated again somewhere down the line. Surface water evaporates. and rains back down. It’s the hydrological cycle.

Answer #2

Fact about water in the UK is most just gets leaked out through old pipe work and the profit hungry water companys then invent special events to try and stop us from using it and make us feel guilty cr-ap…for what we should easily already have if they were not so hungry for profit…O…and i get 1 alcoholic work shy neighbour in a street full of decent working people and coz he likes cider more than home maintenance he can let water continuously flow non stop 24-7 365 days for 6 years completely legaly coz he paid the fixed fee, until i fixed it …So,care about Water…No,only if my neighbours overflow pipes noise is botherin me.

Answer #3

Another thing I just thought of, there are huge aquifers (ground water) in the great plains of the U. S. that have been and are being depleted at an alarming rate. That’s something you might look up. Another is that alot of our fresh water is being sold and stockpiled overseas. It’s transported in tankers just like oil. I may think of some more things. I’m interested in this subject, A possible source for ya might be the AWWA website. (american water and waste water association)

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