How does Earth Hour help?

How does 60 minutes of shutting of power help the environment/community?

Answer #1

It does not help besides maybe symbolically. Those 60 minutes of no electricity is supposed to do what exactly? If, say, after the 60 minutes are done everyone goes back to using their electronics; all you are doing is minutely prolonging something. The problem is still there, the methane is still in the air, the carbon levels are not dropping from it, and acid rain will continue to pour down.

Sure, it’s a nice idea, but that’s all it is, a nice idea.

Answer #2

It helps in a way if you want to participate in it…sure its not going to make a big difference but its doing something..its just encouraging people to save energy.

Answer #3

It will not help if only one person does it. Let’s say: there are houses in the world. 60 minutes X 1000.000.000 = Can we count how much energy is saved in 60 minutes shutting the electricity? Anything done together hand in hand will reveal great, I mean HUGE contribution.

Answer #4

it does help the world. There is a program of NO MACHINES DAY in my town. Meaning no cars and no motors for a day. tons of gasoline is saved for the next day. :-) I cannot imagine if every town in the world ever do it. ONE SUNDAY WITHOUT MACHINES…

Answer #5

Great, that oil, electricity, and fumes are still going to be used and are still going to be placed into the air. Just because you decide for one to not do anything doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly not going to be in the air anymore. That’s not how reality works. You’ll use it the next day, and the next, and the next, and the fumes will continue to go into the air.

Problem solved? Hardly.

Answer #6

I agree…what would be a better way? We need to be doing it not just for 1 hour to actually make a difference so what should we be doing? A week? A month? A year? nothing will make real changes because we all still live our lives the same way regardless. Stop using fuel for planes…that will pollute less…stop using fuel for cars, that will pollute less as well. Stop the factories around the world from using fuel to warm the homes on freezing cold nights and that will also help…But by saying hey lets stop using electricity…that is the least of the problem!!! Have you watched outside ur building..I know I did in mine, I was ON THE TOP FLOOR, 7TH! Do you guys have any idea how much each building by merely getting rid of the heat from the dryers are polluting the air? I didnt even mention the heat from every building…so lets get all landlords & all families on board the green ways to heat water & all that good stuff rather then make an earth hour free of electricity!

Its a real issue & not enough people are doing anything because there is still all of this going around…starting with the nearest groc store…to the nearest gas station! Once the gov really makes the changes then it can be an actual reality. How can you ask that of reg people like us when they are still producing…reg boilers, reg cars & reg machinery which pollutes as it has always done in the past! :(

Answer #7

Your stupid. Within that hour tons of gasoline is saved, which would leave enough for other days and also would not produce as much waste in the earth. Sure some people are still using electricity during this hour and people are going to use it afterward but if we do earth hour even just once a year that’s a ton of electricity saved for the future.

Answer #8

Saved? Unless you think saved = clean then this idea of “Earth Day” crumbles to nothing besides prolonging a problem.

Answer #9

First of all oober, please dont go on name calling anyone stupid or anything else for that matter…we are all entitled to state our own opinion if we feel the right to do so…its called freedom of speech! Second of all, If you disagree with what anyone here says, which you are entitled to as well, that is fine, but please try to keep it drama free or better yet deal with it in private that is what funmail is for! No one gave you the right to call anyone any sort of name, according to the rules here you dont have the right to call anyone here any names period! It is offensive & is uncalled for! Thank you in advance!

Answer #10

whens earth hour on ?

Answer #11

it passed.

Answer #12

It was from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM everywhere around the world.

Answer #13

It shows people that they can survive without having to use all of todays technology and electricity using appliances.

Answer #14

I had no energy running in my house except my laptop…I didn’t want to go all Amishly. :)

Answer #15

First of, you dont save electricity. It’s not something you store up. And he has a point. Ok, so you dirty the earth an hour later. That’s great. How is that helpful?

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