Why doesn't the environmental department close those factories putting smoke in the air every day?

I mean they are liars about the environment they put a fine if somebody put the garbage by mistake in the wrong basket, but they don’t do anything to those factories putiing smoke in the air every day. What do you think?

Answer #1

How the hell could they do that -_- most of the things we buy and use are MADE in those factories. That’s like closing down all the stores for using electricity- stupid, stupid, stupid. I agree that they’re a big problem but they’re too much a part of our lives to stop now.

Answer #2

We need those factories although they cause pollution..most places are trying to burn more naturally/green.

Answer #3

Fito, you have a good point. A lot of unnecessary pollution exists, in fact factories in the USA make up for at least 50% of its pollution and ends up killing a lot of wildlife along the way. . There are a lot of double standards too, like your example of being fined for not sorting your trash properly… while you breath in the fumes from all the idling cars and motorcycles around you. . I agree with you. There is a lot of mindless stuff in this world.

Answer #4

How is electricity comparable to pollution? . What’s too much a part of our lives to stop now? We managed to do without asbestos and lead paint, why not further investigate how to stop the factories from polluting so much? Of course we can change. What’s stopping us is usually political. Money, corruption.

Answer #5

yeah i agree with Connor up there they can’t simply shut the factories down!! if they did, our production of some necessary products would stop. what they can do is to enforce better smokestack scrubbers. this reduces the pollution emitted by the factory and also find and use better way of manufacturing stuff.

Answer #6

At least we have environmental regulations/standards and are polutting FAR less than in the past. We are trying, but the key to the economy is JOBS, and factories provide them so give it a break. Too many jobs have been lost by manufacturing moving to China and Mexico where environmental regulations are virtually non-existent compared to here.(GREED and higher profits for a few) Global warming is being blown WAY out of proportion and alot of money is being made by a few elite freaks brainwashing the population. Mother nature has been through alot. We have caused some of it, but not all of it. She’s a tough ole gal that has done a pretty good job of bouncing back and if we just do our best while still doing what is necessary for nations to survive she will work with us and it’s gonna be ok folks.

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