Is your area in desperate need of rain? Do you, (read more)

A: Want it to rain B: Don’t want it to rain C: Don’t care if it rains or not D: Never thought about it

Answer #1

A. Too dusty here. No rain all winter = very dusty area where I live. My computer does not like dust :D

Answer #2

I’m in Florida and we have had such heavy rains that we flooded. Homes are destroyed, businesses shut down, sinkholes opening up and swallowing houses and vehicles…and that was a few days BEFORE our first tropical storm/hurricane!!! But, in spite of all that, I absolutely love a good storm! :- ) We’re currently on a Tropical Storm Watch. Her name is Debby

Answer #3

We had plenty of rain throughout the spring, I don’t want to see any more of it. But unfortunately it’s supposed to rain today.

Answer #4

C We sorta need the rain but not at the same time

Answer #5

We are most definately NOT in need of rain if you ask me. And if it has to rain, could it please please only rain in the evenings after I get home from work? I dont want to walk in the rain. But Im not sure if we actually need rain or not. It hasnt actually rained that much here recently, so Im sure the hydroelectrical people are going to start complaining about it soon and using it as an excuse to raise electricity prices again (so they can give their CEOs a ridiculous bonus probably).

Answer #6

God is punishing us, once again. . This time with heat that feels like your in a sauna. And on that note; I prefer for the earth to be flooded again. At least it wouldn’t be so dang hot!! Bring on the rain!

Answer #7

Yes. Everything is dying, like the trees and grass. There probably won’t even be a second cutting of hay this year. A: Want it to rain

Answer #8

This is due to the fact that Miami crushed okc in the championship. Causing catastrophic turmoil through out Florida..

Answer #9

It rained here yesterday. Heavily. Some dry days would be OK now. But more rain would also be OK. So… C

Answer #10

Thanks for your answers everyone!! My area is in a drought and in desperate need of rain. Farm crops need it, the water table needs it. People’s wells are going dry and rivers running low. I have cracks in my yard you could twist your ankle in (slight exaggeration). There have been some grass and field fires (takes alot of water to put them out) Education time: Just one inch of rain equals 27,044 gallons of water to an acre of land. If you ever wnat to know how to do the math on this, let me know and I’ll show ya. :)

Answer #11

It rained here a few nights, but we’re not that dry here in New Jersey, so C…

Answer #12

Our area was in some desperate need of rain and it’s been raining all day today so I kinda don’t want it to rain anymore so I can take my walks again and not have it feel so gloomy out.

Answer #13

Yes our area has not received a single drop from the last six months now government has already declared this year as a drought zone.This year is very bad for farmers of our side. [ogive=]

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