Is the Chernobyl area still empty or can people live there now?

  • from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster…
Answer #1

Most of it is empty. There are a few people living on the outer areas. People visit there and go on tour but there is still radioactive areas. Although it’s not as a bad as when it happened. I’ve always wanted to go there..

Answer #2

Same, it really interests me for some reason.. i’d be a bit scared to go though just in case :L

Answer #3

It’s ok as long as you wear the mask and gloves etc they give you. and watch for the radio active areas.. Some of it you can walk through just fine. Others have such bad radiation still that you instantly get a headache and can pass out. Resulting in your death after. but they give you a map and equipment to make sure you stay out of those areas. Some of the tours even take you right up to the powerplant. Although they dont let tourists stay there for very long. for obvious reasons. I really want to go as soon as I can afford the ticket. :)

Answer #4

Oh i see, i’ve seen a lot of pictures and it looks creepy :S how much is it to go?

Answer #5

I’m not too sure. Last time I checked it was out of my price range at the time so I didn’t bother haha. It’s a long way there from South Africa haha.

Answer #6

Pripyat is still an area people go to and tour around. My friend went there, no animal or insect resides there, her dog she brought along started to whine and have issues. Herself as walking around there for an hour, where in the movie Chernobyl Dairies(which I’ve saw and willing to see it again soon^^) Anyway, they went towards the Ferris wheel and into the buildings not allowed to touch anything really, but to stay there and really have the radiation affected is approx. a year staying.

Answer #7

whoops I read that wrong I believe ;p The area of Chernobyl itself is still an area people go to, you’ll have to wear the mask and glvoes to be protected of course for your health to not drain and be effected even more so. I’ve seen pictures of Chernobyl and Pripyat on deviantART and I must say it looks creepy but a place worth visiting some day^^

Answer #8

I find it amazing that the Ferris Wheel still stand there today :P It adds to the creepy factor in my opinion :P

Answer #9

An area extending 19 miles (31 km) in all directions from Chernobyl’s plant is known as the “zone of alienation.” It is largely uninhabited, except for a few residents who have refused to leave. The area has largely reverted to forest. Even today, radiation levels are so high that the workers responsible for rebuilding the sarcophogus are only allowed to work five hours a day for one month before taking 15 days of rest. Ukrainian officials estimate the area will not be safe for human life again for another 20,000 years.

In 2011, Ukraine opened up the sealed zone around the Chernobyl reactor to tourists who wish to learn more about the tragedy that occurred in 1986.

Answer #10

Nice answer!

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