What is your favourite weather and why?

Answer #1

I like cloudy, cool, windy days. Not cold but not hot. I dont like the sun beatin down on me. And i like a nice breeze :) I could play outside all day in that weather

Answer #2

I like the fall when the leaves have turned colour, the sun is shining and it’s cool enough to cause your cheeks to get rosy, but not so cold that you need to bundle up in more than a warm sweater. I guess it’s just the time of the year that I’ve always felt the most comfortable as a child … it was the time of year when I knew the holidays were coming and there would be big family get-togethers.

Answer #3

I love spring because everything is starting anew, like trees, plants, etc

Answer #4

I guess it really depends on my mood at the time, or the weather can make the mood. I like sunny days, just makes me wanna get out and do things and not be lazy, although I like those rainy thunderstorm days when I’m tired to just snuggle in my blankets and listen to the rain and thunder. Again depends on my mood.

Answer #5

I’m more an Autumn and Winter person, not just because I live in the countryside, and it looks much nicer at those times of years, but because I like to go running around the village and surrounding areas, it’s much nicer to do it in cooler weather, I like th freshness in winter especially.

Answer #6

Cool summer days with blue skies and a slight breeze - 21 Celsius, 70 Fahrenheit. When it’s like that, everything seems green and lush.

Answer #7

I have 3 favorites, when it’s super rainy & flooding, in the summer when it’s like in the 80’s & theres subtle coool breezes, & in the fall time when it’s cold but you’re not freezing & theres a warm breeze.

Answer #8

A sunny, blue, cloudless sky with a slight breeze …Ahhhh

Answer #9

Summer, ‘cause it’s mega hot and I can stay outside all day without freezing my butt off.

Answer #10

Rainy I love the smell of wet soil. I love the smell of rain.

Answer #11

Sunny & Warm!! Thunderstorm on some occasions.. & I dont know why..

Answer #12

Sunny & Warm!! Thunderstorm on some occasions.. & I dont know why..

Answer #13

My favorite weather by far is hot & sunny, but I do love a rainy day or night on occasion ;)

Answer #14

I love the weather around September when its getting cooler throughout the day and night to where its just right enough for a light jacket. (:

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