What do you "really" believe about global warming?

I mean come on, society almost believes everthing it hears and if the ice caps are melting, who’s to say that “we” are causing it? The earth has been through many changes in it’s history including an ice age, great floods, ect ect. How can the scientists be so arrogant to think that we can control it? I’m all for not polluting the water, soil, and air but to feel guilty for driving my truck to work is never gonna happen. I think whole thing is a bunch of crap and lot’s of money is being made by brainwashing people with fear.

Answer #1

Its kinda hard to say I mean yes I think its real and I believe it…but I dont think its as big of a deal as some people try to made it,but thats just me!!(:

Answer #2

Exactly, did you read more on my question? Thanks.

Answer #3

I agree. Every time we have a climate change everyone screams global warming but what they fail to see is that the climate changes in a pattern. If you go back hundreds of year ago they you can see it. We’re not causeing anything. They just made it up so they can sell us more products. I mean look at it this way: you can but a regular car for around 25,000 or you can buy an eco friendly hybred for 80,000. You can buy bugspray for $4 or you buy eco friendly bug spray for $7. The list goes on and on

Answer #4

well.. we could’ve controlled it back when it started (the late 70s).. but i think it’s spun out of control too much to do anything now. The ice caps are melting because the ozone is thinning, which makes the sun hotter.. in turn, the icewater from the ice caps is cooling the ocean causing more hurricanes and violent storm seasons. The violent storm seasons are bringing more cold air across land and helping the seasons shift. Which is why you’ll notice that we’ve barely had a “spring” this year, and plants are having a hard time growing. I’m also told that the poles are shifting on top of the global warming, which happened before, causing the ice age. I agree with you though, you shouldn’t feel guilty about driving your truck to work. The automotive industry should feel guilty for creating the over-abundance of gas guzzlers and taking so long to introduce hybrids, and making them so expensive :)

Answer #5

Exactly, the power of suggestion.

Answer #6

yes it is all a bunch of crap- i agree wholeheartedly .

i do believe in climate change, that part is indisputable, and all that we have to do with it is the simple fact that we are here while it is happening.

there have been MANY ice ages in earths history, MANY times has the climate changed- nothing we can do about it- if anyone tries to do something they are only going to make things worse by screwing around with the natural order of things.

living breathing creatures have been alive on this planet for millions of years- all the while adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, adding methane, lightning starting fires and adding carbon monoxide- volcanoes erupting and releasing gasses in vast quantities - the green house gasses are nothing new. the climate is going to change countless more times. we should prepare for the changing climate instead of trying to fight it, we can’t fight nature. so yes i am tired of hearing about carbon impact this, carbon footprint that. it is the INVENTION OF TRULY BORED PEOPLE and quite possibly linked back to the psychedelic drug users of the 60’s.

Answer #7

Well, think about the words gas guzzlers and then think about the oil industry and one hand washing the other, then global warming, (true or false), then a big ole cycle of things that “we” have no control over, rather at the mercy of.

Answer #8

10-4 thanks

Answer #9

you’re right.. in all honesty, that’s the real reason why nothing was done about global warming when it could have been done. The oil industry had too much to lose, and the politicians who create the laws all have stock in oil. So, why would they want to see the prices fall with the decrease in demand? “we” as in you and me (the little guys) couldn’t have done anything in the first place unless we had huge numbers. “they” as in big business, would have put a stop to anything we tried.

Answer #10

Well, you are on the right track, but still kinda subscribing to the idea that “we” have anything to do with it. Think think think and get back please, thanks

Answer #11

lol i’m a hippy.. i still think something could have been done to stop the speed at which it happened.. yes, it was going to happen anyway, but, all the pollutants helped it along.

Answer #12

Well, sorry to be the one to burst your bubble but most of the global warming statements are true, for example it is proven that the pollution we let runoff into the water causes fish to die (not just a few fish, but hundreds of millions of fish), I could go into detail explaining how it happens (eutrophication) but I guess that would be boring for some people so I’ll skip it. Fact is, we are ruining our planet. I wish people cared about the earth as much as they cared about who they believe created it.

Answer #13

Thanks, but you didn’t burst my bubble cause I’m not in one. With all due respect, I understand a great deal about what’s happening to the water supply because I’ve worked in that area for 17 years. I hate pollution. It’s a terrible thing. ( I know about the fish and it breaks my heart) My question / comment was political / economic based, had nothing to do with religion, so why do you have to throw that in? Best regards.

Answer #14

I think we as humans aren’t the only one’s causing the Earth to deteriorate as it is slowly doing but we do have a major effect on it’s health. I think that if we didn’t industrialize like we have, the Earth wouldn’t be in such a bad shape.

Answer #15

Economically, many people are affected by global warming too. Such as, the migration patterns of certain fish and birds have changed dramatically, causing fluctuating income for people that depend on fishing for a living, and frustration from people who’s crops are ruined by stray birds that usually wouldn’t fly that far from their natural habitat. Also, the affects of acid rain ruining soils that have been in families for generations, and runoff from big towns into villages rendering their soils virtually useless. These people depend solely on harvest for their food and income. Without their land, they literally die. Though that is more to do with pollution that global warming to start off with… But yeah that could be some economical problems we face. Btw, the religious aspect at the end was just a comment, it didn’t have to do with anything lol

Answer #16

no its just hot outside

Answer #17

To, me, it is quite obvious that there is a change.

The arctic ice is melting… definitely. http://funadvice.com/r/bjt8lqknojh There are sat photos that prove it. The Seas are warmer than they used to be. I believe that.

And I do think that humans cause it. Earth used to be warmer in the ages of the dinosaurs. There were tropical temperatures where today there are moderate climate zones. There was more carbon dioxide in the air. All that carbon dioxide has been “breathed up” by plants, then that ancient biomass was buried in the earth and became coal and oil. Now we dig it out again and incinerate it. So it becomes carbon dioxide again and goes back into the air. Which will eventually lead to climate warming.

That’s just logical.

I do believe that this will have an impact on lifeforms on earth. Species will die, other species will come to exist.

That’s also just logical.

And I do believe that the warming will increase the number and intensity of storms everywhere. Because more temperature means that there is more energy in the atmosphere.

That is also just logical.

What I DON’T believe is that the world will end and death and chaos will reign if we keep heating the planet. You know it’s always like that… some scientist make several models…. you can’t really make an accurate model about weather and climate phenomena. the system is just too chaotic and there are too many unknown factors. and so they make several models that approach reality. And then they simulate what might happen if we keep heating it. Then 9 of 10 experiments come out unspectacular. And one predicts a statistically significant cumulation of hurricanes in densely inhabited places. Now that is all complicated, scientific speech and people won’t really understand it. So the newspapers make it “Climate Warming: New York and Lisbon (Portugal) endangered by hurricanes!”

They don’t write about the other 9 harmless models, they don’t write that it’s just a model predicting that. And they don’t write that the scientists may be wrong. Scientists write all that. Newspapers don’t. That doesn’t sell. Panic sells.

Answer #18

Yeah, the media. Did you see the story where the scientists where off on the warming calculatiolns by at least 100 years? Oops, I wonder who shut that media outlet up real quick cause the story went away.

Answer #19

It’s ok.

Answer #20

The term Global Warming is unfortunate because while our climate models do predict a warming trend for the planet there are areas that will get colder and we will still have a wide range of weather. Many people do not understand the difference between weather and climate. Every time there is a record blizzard or low temperature I hear a chorus of global warming skeptics say, gee, how can the world be warming if we just hit record low temperatures? It also rains in the desert so does that prove that deserts aren’t really dry like all those pointed headed scientists say? In any case, through burning fossil fuels we have released large amounts of carbon into our atmosphere that had been sequestered into the ground over many millions of years. Nobody really knows the exact effect of this because nothing like this has ever happened before in Earth’s history. Scientists have built computer models to predict its results. Over time the models take into account more data and more environmental knowledge and the answer scientists keep getting getting is that the spike in green house gases that mankind has released will lead to significant climate change. The scientists who say this are not hippies and Luddites but rather people who have dedicated their lives to study climate science. There is the fringe view that mankind is not causing climate change. Most of this skepticism is fueled by ideology or greed. There are people who believe that God is in control so mankind can not change the climate. There are people who believe that even if it is real they would prefer market based solutions to the problem instead of added government spending and regulation. There are also people who work for industries that would be harmed by limiting green house gas emssions who like the tobacco industry that argued that tobacco isn’t addictive and doesn’t cause lung cancer are just questioning legitimate science out of financial interests. The vast majority of climate scientists believe that man is causing climate change. The view that we are not is the fringe view but the fringe is especially vocal and well funded by fossil fuel industries and free market ideologues so the impression the lay public gets is that the jury is still out on climate change when in fact it isn’t.

Answer #21

Well I will agree that many things are fueled by greed. look at what nafta did for example, all the U.S. companys that have closed up (where we have polution laws) and all the products we buy being made in places like China where polution / emissions laws are virtually non existent.

Answer #22

Well any kind of pollution isn’t good. It’s who you are and how much money you have that determines what you can get away with.

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