Are you eco friendly?

I’ve noticed loads of adverts saying to recycle, reuse, and on labels of water how they say they use ‘30 percent less plastic’ for the caps. My mom and I are, I’ve always been for the environment (when it comes to recycling). I’m also against fracking and hopefully one day that will be banned, along with the development of plastic and strict usage of paper (important documents, files) I’ve found it really wasteful to get sheet of paper, after paper at school. I don’t know why we can’t just have all school/course work on computers/laptops. We’d reduce the amount of trees being cut down dramatically saving forests and keeping the green we have on this earth here.

Answer #1

I don’t think anyone is green unless they grow their own food, ride a bike, wear strictly organic clothing, and have a solar powered home (or no electricity) made with nothing that was created using non-green energy. Also by buying certain products, you are supporting non-green companies. Every time you buy something, you are voting with your dollar.

Answer #2

I think the whole idea of having everything digitalized on a computer takes the option a little for granted.

Even today, there is a high majority of families who don’t own, or can’t afford a computer … that would cause a lot of trouble for students in regards to doing homework, studying, etc.

I agree it’s a great idea … but the world isn’t ready for it yet.

Answer #3

Hopefully the day will advance and be ready sooner than later…

Answer #4

So you’re basically saying the only (close to) green are Amish folks?

Answer #5

May I add that there needs to be a “balance” between protecting the environment as well as jobs. One reason the postal service is in trouble is because of “paperless’ transactions.

Answer #6

Trees used for paper are harvested, then re-planted with relatively fast growng species of trees. It’s a continuous cycle and old forests are protected and not harvested.

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