Why (or why not) will the world end on December 21, 2012?

They say that in May 2011 that the world would end and it did’nt. And on November 11, 2011 ya you know the 11.11.11 thing they said something bad would happen that day as well. But guess what we are still here. But everyone has been talking about the 2012 thing for awhile before all of this other 11.11.11 stuff. So I want you guys to tell me why the world will not end December 2012? Or why it will end and how it will end? Some people are saying it will be a Spiritual Transformation and the solar system will change, maybe this is just a rumor. An Asteroid hitting earth, global warming, natural disasters like we saw in the 2012 film in 2009,an apocalypse,aliens or robots taking over earth,I don’t know what will happen 12.21.12 but what if December 2012 is our last month to live for humans on Earth? Seriously some people are taking the 2012 thing seriously…I am just suprised we are not hearing this on T.V or the radio….if the 2012 doomsday is that serious they should be talking about this in the media,T.V,and radio. Why..I am still curious why they have’nt taken this thing public already. I am very concerned I have been thinking about this since 2009 since 2012 came out in theaters…natural disasters are real so that part of the movie was very realistic. When 11:59 p.m comes on december 20th 2012 i wonder what people will be thinking when 12:00 a.m then strikes and something bad happens. I am pretty afraid….global warming is already happening so is their really anything to fear?

Answer #1

It’s just superstitions. They said the world was gonna end plenty of other times before I was even born, nothing happened. They suppose 12-21-12 is gonna happen i’m assuming because of the mayan calendar.

Answer #2

Face it, it’s not gonna end ! (Y)

Answer #3

Those that say as you are asking used a different calendar then what we are using today. Remember those that believed in the end of the world as we know it used or did not use the same calendar - cant remember what that calendar is called - but I do know Nostrodomis (phonetic) used a totally earlier calendar then the use today. In addition, it depends on where the individual lived - as an example the true calender of the middle east countries is not dated as ours. So who really knows when it will happen - but Im not going to hold my breath and wait around - lolol

Answer #4

From what I believe 2012 is the year 4 some kind of major change. Maybe this change will happen on this day…. But people believe that I will end just because of The Mayan calender ending.

We’ll just have to wait and see….

Oh and I predict on that day People will do alot of crazy stuff, riots and all lol

Answer #5

Its not gonna end. they only do these things to make money. Hence the movies and books. Someone is getting rich off nieve people. they say the planets will align perfectly and that will cause the world to end. But the truth is the planets cannot aligh like this …….O……. becuase they are scattered like this . .

                             .  .   O 
                                  .       .   . or somewhat like that. best i can do on here lol. and they go in around not up and down.       it is impossible for all the planets to form a straight line out from the Sun becuase they are tilted.          last series of planetary configurations occurred in the year 2000.. we are still here. It is a money making scam just like all hte other times.Only God knows when the end of the world will be. I find that christians need to pay more attention to the bible when it says that instead of following false profits as it also warns. How can they be so blind
Answer #6

hmmmmmmm didnt humans (man) create the bible? The imperfection of humanity

Answer #7

. . O . . .

Answer #8

.< what happened to 12-12-12?? but the world will not end because it doesn’t end till the year 5,000,000,000 also known as 5.5/Apple/26 according to doctor who! X)

Answer #9

yes but the bible is Gods word and he protected it. Only people who are looking for flaws will find them

Answer #10

dang it it still didnt work. lol

Answer #11

also the “calander” had to end somewhere at sometime. it cant just go on forever and ever.

Answer #12

People try very hard to interpret past predictions and signs. They also try to interepret the Bible which is a good thing, but they need to remember that although there are many things happening that are talked about in the book of Revelation, the LORD said “NO MAN SHALL KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR”. The power of suggestion can be very strong. Remember 2000, the new millenium? Nothing happend and lots of people profited from it like pistol annie’s angel said. The world as we know it will end someday, but there will be many things take place before it does, and it’s not gonna happen in an instant on one particular day, it just isn’t possible.

Answer #13

As posted, no man be it athiest thru christian and any cultural belief inbetween can give the exact time and date the world will end. It is all based on assumption and speculation. Doomsday has been around since I was a little girl and beyond that. When I was young I was all worked up, staying up nights freaking out, too ….. Well I’m sixty and it hasn’t happened yet but the projections still go on and on. The world as we know it may change …actually that is true. Because that has been an ongoing process. If a person woke from a coma or released from prison after 30 or so years …reintroduced to society, this would be a planet totally foreign to them. It would not be the same world they knew. Truth is it’s far more likely you will see your last day long before the earth ends. So don’t waste the time you have on the planet worrying about somebody’s doomsday predictions. No human has control over, nor is privy to a date. Your purpose is in that you are here in the now and it’s about what you do with the time you have that matters. It’s the quality of what you put into your living and let those that want to play God, play….Your time is more valuable in living and enjoying, what is now, then it is having it consumed by would be Gods.

Answer #14

The Mayan calendar stops then. But to be honest if the Spanish hadn’t killed them all they probably could of finished it.

Answer #15

I tend to agree…Mindset will have more to do with materialiizing the days events then the projections. What you believe you create.

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