What plastic is safe for reusable water bottles?

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plastics come in like numbers u can find the numbers on the bottom or somewhere on the label. sometimes u may not find it...
number 2 is the safest for storing foods and stuff and 1 is used in water bottles. however if ure really concerned abt plastics leaching harmful stuff on ur water id suggest not using plastic bottles over and over again cause i remember reading abt plastic bottles leaching chemicals over time and temp. so ur best bet would be to use no:1 or 2 plastic bottles and remember to get new ones every once in a while

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i think it would be safer just to use aluminium bottles instead

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You can get "plastic" bottles which are actually made from plant starch rather than oil. Or the aluminium ones are a good option

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i think that it would be safer to get the BPA free water bottles from your local store.. like walmart, target or kmart!!!

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