How do you dispose of gasoline that has been sitting in 100+ weather for over a year?

We have a gallon, maybe a little more, of boat gasoline, it’s been sitting in the sun for like a year & we’re kind of worried about & want to get rid of it, but don’t know how lol

Answer #1

How does the gasoline look? Does it look clean, rusty, dirty, or has it turned to varnish? Assuming the gasoline is just stale the best thing to do is to mix it with fresh gasoline and use it normally. If the gasoline is no longer usable you shouldn’t dump it, burn it, or let it evaporate since this pollutes. Some auto supply stores that accept used motor oil for recycling also accept old gasoline so call around.

Answer #2

Is it possible to have fun and burn it up? xD Or is that too dangerous? Maybe shoot it so it explodes :D Wow.. I am not very environmentally friendly today :/

Answer #3

LOL pyro, no not an option sorry.

Answer #4

Thank you, I’m gonna try to hand it over to a auto repair store.

Answer #5

My dad has classic cars and sometimes some of them have the same gas for years. If you add fresh gas to the old gas then it’s still useable :)

Answer #6

An excellent answer filletofspam, I might add that to prevent this from happening in the future, there is a product called “stable” that is supposed to prevent gas from getting stale. I put it in my lawn mowers when they are stored for the winter.

Answer #7

just burn it dude its cheaper faster and easier (wow I’m feeling lazy today)

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