Do you think the Earth is a living thing - why or why not?

Answer #1

Yes, the clouds move, the core is active, the tides change, if the planet was dead it couldn’t sustain life, everything on Earth is alive, look at Earth compared to Mars, Mars compared to Earth is dead, so there is no life there today

Answer #2

Clouds move because of the wind. Tides move because of the moon/wind. Just saying…

Answer #3

well to me yes the earth is living. I’m a wiccan and that has a requirement to love and respect the earth as a being because I honestly think she (earth) brought us into the world and what unloving thing could produce such beautiful crystals and gems?

Answer #5

I don’t think the earth, itself, is a living thing … take away the trees, the organisms, etc., and you’re left with what the earth actually is - a rock.

Answer #6

agreed. (:

Answer #7

You have no proof that there’s nothing living on Mars…

Answer #8

no really. Some put the Earth is that category. It has living things on it, but not really a living thing.

Answer #9

No, the Earth is definetely not a living thing. It doesn’t breathe, does it?

Answer #10

Earth is a living thing.. Earth will die..

Answer #11

humans, animals, and vegetation could not have come from something that is not a living thing in my opinion, so yes I believe it very well is….. Unless everything came from aliens, which is possible.

Answer #12

funny question imlonely.. wow how do yo imagine things?lol. emmmmmmmmmmmmm! i think it is a living thing lol

Answer #13

“Clouds move because of the wind. Tides move because of the moon/wind.”

Diana, your fingers moved on your keyboard because of some electrochemical impulses. Does that mean you’re not a living thing?

“the Earth is definetely not a living thing. It doesn’t breathe, does it?”

Sadiye, neither do fungi.

Tovi and Shaira, is the sun (which brought the earth into being, and which will itself die) also a living being?

The disagreement here is not so much about the nature of the Earth as it is about what it means to be a living thing.

Answer #14

I have a good imagination and lots of curiousity :-), I have many weird questions :-)

Answer #15

Nice answer :-)

Answer #16

I think the earth is a miserable, sick planet, infected with the “homo sapient” disease. :-/

Answer #17

Very true

Answer #18

Earth itself isn’t living.It has properties such as the atmosphere which is a perfect balance of all important gases which help sustain life.Then it has got the hydrosphere or the water bodies,the water bodies provide us with water and water again is a hundred percent essential component for sustaining life,without water no living organism can carry out life processes which help it to sustain it’s existence on earth.The earth has go the correct temperature and pressure to support the development of life,no other existing planet can sustain life(as recently estimated) and it’s all because no other planets are perfectly secure the temperature and pressures needed to sustain life.The earth with it’s placement lies in the ‘Goldy Locks’ zone which is the zone of two planets containing all factors necessary to bud life in them.The mars was also a part of the ‘Goldy Locks’ zone but the extensive increase of carbon-di-oxide due to unestimated sources in it’s atmosphere reacted to make the atmosphere overly fragile and unsupportive to sustaining life with the average of 90% of carbon-di-oxide in it’s atmosphere it definitely is like a ball of poison for life.Another advantage of the ‘Goldy Locks’ zone is the correct distance from the sun,in this zone the sun at a perfect distance which allows the planet to sustain life.It is so perfect on it’s way that Venus cant sustain life as there will be extensive heat which will abort the survival of living organisms and the same will happen to Jupiter but the other way round,In Venus you will burn to death and in Jupiter you will freeze.Another advantage of the ‘Goldy Locks’ zone is the protection,as the planets mars and earth are in this zone they are often protected by Jupiter from upcoming meteoritic danger,often Jupiter comes in the way of the meteors and submerges them in itself before it can cause any harm to the earth and the beings inside.Also another advantage of this zone is it allows the earth and the mars to have suitable conditions to form strong electromagnetic fields which help them protect themselves from the approaching solar flairs,as the solar flairs approach the magnetic field deflects it to some other directions protecting the living beings inside otherwise solar flairs can indeed be pretty harmful.Then due to this zone the earth is able to have the perfect pecentage of oxygen to sustain life,carbon-di-oxide to regulate temperature and sustain life and Nitrogen to regulate temperature. The zone and the natural tilt also help in keeping the temperature well regulated and the rotation is in perfect discipline,we get the perfect amount of daytime and perfect amount of night time.Then,earth is the only planet which has soil capable enough to support the existence of plant and as we know,our existence is not possible without plants,so it definitely is helpful.The other planets such as Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto are gaseous planets meaning they are formed completely of gas and have no land inside them,except for Saturn which has rocks in it’s rings.And on the other side there is mars,mercury and Venus in which mars can’t sustain plant life as it has no oxygen content in it and in Venus and Mercury plants will die burning to ash.Earth just has the perfect of everything,So is with the earth’s land.The land on earth is formed my the condensation of under ocean volcanoes which excreted the lave,the lave then got cooled down and floated up the surface of water to form rocks and then land,though this process of continuous deposition took millions of years to complete.Then it differentiated the climatic conditions all over itself so again to ensure the regulation of temperature.Another most perfect thing it has is the ecological balance and the food chain.Due to the ecological balance and the food chain the existence of each organism small to big is made important this also ensures the anti-dominance and roles of different sections of feeding groups such as the carnivores.herbivores etc.The earth supports different bio-geo-chemical cycles,cycles like the nitrogen cycle,the carbon-di-oxide cycle etc and these cycles instead ensure the availability of different components which help support life.The earth has got perfect sections for different animals to live in according to their needs such as for the marine animals it has provided marine and aquatic places or conditions to support their existence.So the point here is very clear earth is the only proved place to have all the abiotic conditions and substances which help support biotic conditions or life.But then again earth itself is non living as a living being is explained as something which carries on the life processes such as :respiration,absorption,secretion etc.The earth does not carries out any of these life processes so it can’t be called living.Thus the fact that the earth is non-living is PROVED.

Answer #19

Also earth has got all the physical forces balanced.

Answer #20

sorry for the size:P

Answer #21

well this question has to answers religious and scienontific

Answer #22

no i dont cuz if you take away everything that is alive on earth its just another big rock in space.

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