Why is there air?

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So we can breath. If there was no air, we would all be dead. Just the way it is.

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For the same reason everything else exists. Depending on your convictions, that would be either "because all sort of matter started to exist after the big bang" or "because my god decided that he wanted it there" or anything in between.

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so we don't die...? o.O

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because Allah is the most wise and the most knowing, "Who perfected everything which He created " http://funadvice.com/r/15nqh5jtf7o
people who created the evolution theory found that every Creature is soooooo Perfect in a Perfect place @ the time they found the creatures, so they said they had millions of years to develop to be in this Much of Perfection!! when actually Exalt be to the Creator who Perfected his creation. http://funadvice.com/r/bpe9bo7bmpi why disbelieve the obvious truth!?

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but why why air why do we need to breath it wouldn't the world be better if you didn't need lungs

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told you, because it's best to be like that. the creator who created the creation he's the most wise and the most knowing ; he knows everything, these are some of his attributes

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well it has to do with the different types of mollicules in the air , oxygen. carbon, methan blah,blah,blah it supports (with water) life on this planet be thankfull for it

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