Why do people honestly believe we, as humans, can hurt the planet?

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Because we can. Our pollution from many things is hurting the planet right now

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why yes

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but it’s 4.5 billion years old can we honestly effect it?

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its takes time..We were not always this advanced. The more we humans invent things the more we learn about how it effects our planet. thats why we are just now starting to invent fuel efficient cars. Because we have taken a huge toll on our planet since we have become more advanced. We arent riding horses now. The more we build the more trees are cut down. over time we have ruined our planet. We are like parasites to earth. Slowly destroying it. Sad but true. More and more people are being more efficient now. its more a big deal now than before. so we are learning new and better things.

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It depends on what you mean by “hurt.” We are unlikely to do anything that will make it explode into a billion pieces. The earth will survive with or without humans. What most people worry about is “the world as we know it.” That is, one with large areas hospitable to humans. We can certainly make the world toxic or otherwise unsuitable for our continued existence. The earth is large but its biosphere is only a few miles deep. If there were say 1 billion people it probably wouldn’t matter that much what mankind did. The earth’s large expanses of forests and oceans would dilute and break down our effluents. Now that the world population is approaching 7 billion people we are generating waste more quickly than our environment can absorb it. If you put bacteria in a growing medium in a petri dish it will multiply until it poisons itself with its own waste products. Hopefully mankind will prove better able to manage its resources than a bacterium.

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So if all countries set of a nuclear bomb at the same time would that explode our planet? I think it would

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no it wouldn’t

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I figure humans have enormous ego to believe that anything we do will hurt the planet. the planet is so massive, so old, so powerful in of it’s self. We are nothing more than scab. Sure we pollute the water turn the sky gray change open plains to deserts. But in the grand scheme of it all, we effect nothing. Ok hundreds of species die out every day. We didn’t kill them all. The worst we are going to do is make it uninhabitable for us and a few other creatures living now. a few hundred thousand years will go by and new life will be born and assume control of the world. It happen it has happened over and over again. the planet freezes it thaws freezes and Thaws. If the planet can survive and thrive after a massive comet collides with it breaking off a piece that formed our now moon. There is nothing we as humans will do to it.

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ok Mr Know it all

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We can’t. All the airplanes and cars Carbon Monoxide account for only 4.5% of the carbon emissions.

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This is true do some research. The best we could do is wipe out most life on the surface of the earth. The combined power of human nuclear weapons is insufficient to destroy the planet. Life on a basic level can and will survive the resulting fallout and the planet will continue on as it always have. It will be a slight more radioactive earth plus plastic. The only thing that would be wiped out for sure is we humans.

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Because this planet is not invulnerable. What we do, everything we do, leaves behind a footprint. This changes the planet in minute ways. From stepping on plants, which either kills or slightly changes their growing cycle, to the pollution we, as a people are pouring out, to the forests and natural habitats we are destroying. Even the extinction of animals, the viruses we are causing to mutate and spread, or our insistence that nothing we do will cause problems.

The environment changes. Think about something as simple as the honeybee. It is vanishing, and the plants that rely on it for pollination cannot be pollinated. This echoes down the environmental chain, and ripples spread. Yes, they get weaker as they spread out, but think how many ripples each of us cause. When there are too many ripples, the damage is worse.

Eventually, our presence, if it is not modified, controlled, or otherwise encouraged to become more eco-friendly, will end up changing the face of this planet. And while it may not hurt the planet itself, it will change, hurt, or destroy the world we know.

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cuz we did already?!

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i don’t think we have even smudged the paint

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