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there are tourist that do not have respect for learning about the environment that they will be visiting so they just bring their habits over and it messes with the natural balance. there are pros and cons to tourism; the pro is that it gives the atraction money and the con is the atraction can suffer seriously negative changes

Answer #2

I wish you said how does ecotourism not destroy habitats… :/

Answer #3

Pollution from tourists leaving trash and all of the hotels and such that are put up near the ocean (causing erosion and pollution) and near other habitats (knocking down trees, draining ponds, destroying habitats of animals) and as overfishing….. The list goes on and on. A lot of tourists just don’t understand what they’re doing is wrong. I spent a couple years as a volunteer at one of the beaches here in Hawaii where I would educate tourists about the importance of coral in the marine environment. A lot of them think they’re just rocks to stand on, but they’re actually super fragile LIVING creatures that are damaged when touched. Coral reefs are like cushions because they protect islands from rough waves and they’re home to many fish so they’re super important and need to be protected from the herds of tourists that visit the beaches daily year round.

Answer #4

I don’t think tourism itself destroys habitats, but rather the country’s “need” for tourism and it’s eagerness to do whatever it can to promote it.

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Thank You All Guys!!!! :D

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Thank You All Guys!!!! :D

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