Can anybody ever imagine the universe ending completely, just destroying itself and all the things within it?

It’s hard for me to imagine it, (and i have a wild imagination), Because i can never imagine the human population ending forever, i always think more ‘’life’’ would come after?

Answer #1

I don’t think it will. There’s trillions of miles and more than you can even fathom.

Answer #2

I can imagine a universe without humans, but I can’t imagine the Universe not existing because I can’t imagine nothing. It’s not something I have ever seen or encountered or even read about because no one really knows what nothing is, so my brain lacks the capacity to even properly think about it. It’s a really weird feeling xD

Answer #3

It will at some point apparently, or at least that’s the theory.

Answer #4

Well,no. The universe is a large place,so…unless a cosmic explosion happens and if time stops and reverses, nope! Hope I helped!

Answer #5

I noe, i give myself headaches just thinking about it, because i just got done watching a program on tv about space and the end of time, and it said something about the BIG RIP or something, and everytime i try to think past what would come after the universe is gone.. It’s like my mind just stops, and i can’t think anymore, it’s really weird lol

Answer #6

Thats an awesome answer connner!

Answer #7

i can. if there ws a start to the universe…well theres an end! this explosion would be EPIC!!!!!! loud destrective hot fireyyy! not to mention scary!!!!:$

Answer #8

Not the Universe, but maybe earth getting hit by an asteroid. I daydream about that sometimes. Like if it hit on the other side of the earth from where I live and we get time to watch the news and hear about it and get the last word that the whole earth will in something like 6 months be no more.

Answer #9

dont want too…lol id like to have kids

Answer #10

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to watch that epic explosion. As we happen to be INSIDE the universe. :(

I just wonder whether we would fuel the explosion with our weird discussions here on this question-board.

Answer #11

The dinosaurs also existed for a few hundred million years and they couldn’t imagine that they would ever be extinct. Homo sapient exist since… some ten thousand years and humans of other subspecies exist since some hundred thousand years. And we already start wondering about whether the universe will explode. Weird. Our species is weird.

Answer #12

p.S: the sun will probably explode before the universe does.

Answer #13

I don’t think that I really can imagine that… but anything is possible :p

Answer #14

Maybe not the universal as a whole, but earth, yes. I can see the earth being destroyed, and starting all over again.

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