Is manmade global warming a lie?

Personally, I think it’s fake. I would like to hear your opinions though :)

Answer #1

Even if the earth is not warming up it makes sense to treat our planet with respect and to minimize poisoning her.

Answer #2

No, I don’t think it is fake.

I think that the horrible catastrophe scenario stories that newspapers tend to describe whenever they mention global warming are exaggerated.

But global warming does exist. You can go to the NASA sites and look for satellite pictures of the arctic ice between the 1970ies and now. It’s decreasing. You can look at the harvest amounts in desert-near regions in Africa. You can look at pacific ocean currents. There are many hints at global warming.

And it’s only logical, b.t.w.. Earth was way warmer when dinosaurs lived. And then dead plant material has become sediment and bound carbon beneath the ground. Now we dig it all out and burn all that carbon (oil, coal) so that it becomes carbon dioxide again. So we should expect climate to warm up. Yes.

What I don’t believe is that every man made change is necessarily evil and will ultimately lead to complete and utter destruction everawhere. Newspapers like to put it that way. Because panic sells better than reality.

We change earth and we’ll need to live with the consequences. Some places will become more dangerous and less profitable to live in. Some regions will get stronger storms and become prone to flooding. Or they might become prone to drought. But then other regions might develop to be potential good places to cultivate food where it was not possible before.

We’ll have to help people who live in the places that were negatively affected by global warming and we’ll have to make it possible to share the benefits of global warming to everyone who needs it.

I don’t think it’s fake. It’s present and I don’t think we can stop it anymore, whatever useless measures politics may invent for the large companies who ignore, warp and pervert them. We’ll just need to live with it.

I think we need to be more aware to our responsibilities. Yes, of course, it isn’t OBVIOUS that it is our fault if some people in Africa have a bad harvest and starve. But then, as we all blow tons of carbon dioxide into the air, maybe we should be thinking about whether our behavior has made it worse for them and whether we should think about compensating.

I think that people who are saying global warming doesn’t exist means that they basically want to comfortably live their lifestyle and never ponder about whether what they do will hurt someone. That’s why they get aggressive when you remind them or why they try to put off any proves of global warming to be “natural seasonal changes”. But sadly, it doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t go away when you shut your eyes.

Answer #3

hardly, its effects and causes are both easily observed, and simulated.

Answer #4

I don’t believe that is it a lie :)

Answer #5

Yes the irony of it all is that in the end own man will kill the planet.

Driving cars makes gas in the sky and the artics are melting and the animals like polar bears and penquins are the ones who suffer do to all this high tech world.This world was to be lived without all this chaos and nonsense.But,we will see the effects in all this crazy weather.Do to SNOW melting so fast now missouri rivers are closet to towns and big urban cities.I think living the green house effect will have dare effect on the human as time goes comes all down to math in the end.The more you put out the more worse it gets and the earth can handle so damm much. (living fear of being flooded)

Answer #6

edit no is not a lie..sorry..skipped to read the part where it says bad…oooh.

Answer #7

Climate change is one of the problems we face. The earth can not maintain the current population at our current standard of living; we are polluting the earth faster than it can detoxify itself. While my estimates are more pessimistic than most I think the earth can sustainably maintain about 1 billion people at a high standard of living with current technology. If mankind agreed to a significantly lower standard of living, “live simply so that others can simply live” my estimate goes up to about 10 billion. I expect a large die-off of humanity. We will see increased deaths due to disease, famine, and wars over dwindling resources. Crop yeilds are already declining due to climate change as our population continues to grow. Things are going to get very ugly in a few decades.

Answer #8

Global warming is a natural process that happens every 10000 years or so. we are just speeding up the process

Answer #9

I’m sorry, I probably should have put forth a little more effort into the description. Well first off, I absolutely agree with Gundar Gunn. And second, I think that the question “do you think that the earth is solely heating up because of humans?” would have been a better title for what I was asking.

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