What do you guys honestly think about these 2012 doomsday speculations?

I recently found out that Zombies are officially real by the government and I read this on Yahoo which normally has accurate up to date news. Saying their will be a zombie apocolypse. Did’nt you hear the story about that black guy in maryland eating some guys heart out? And a man eating another guys intestines? This was an article like 3-4 years ago. But I don’t know if any of this is true but it’s quite horrifying don’t you think? Should we be worried that something might happen? I think Zombies and Cannabilsm are the same are’nt they? Or their will be an asteroid that hits earth, or some planet named Nibiru will collide with Earth…come on I know you guys have heard about this. I have been looking up way too much stuff online about this and I fear that it might be real. I mean Hurricane Sandy is hitting the east coast now, don’t you think this has something to do with the 2012 thing? December 20-23 they say something will happen, I don’t know what it is. But we don’t know for sure if it will happen or not that’s the scary part.

Answer #1

I think that if this Doomsday does happen then it will be best for society. We are living in a world of victimzation and fear,

Answer #2

If you belive in god and read the bible then you’d know that NO ONE knows when the world is going to end. You’re right, All signs are points towards the world coming towards the end.. But I don’t believe it will be anytime soon. If you looked up as much as you say then you’d know they have been saying the kind of things for years. It scares the hell out of people and the run and hide. Hope for humanity is thin if we keep going at this rate, But if you were to actually listen in church and things, It says “ When there’s world peace, The world will end. “ That’s coming from a preacher. Although, This will only mean something to you IF you believe in god. If not, Then like I said think about how many times people have said the world is going to end. I don’t believe although at times it’s pretty convincing. As for the zombie thing tons of people belive zombies are real, But the reason the guy ate the other guys face is because he was using bath salts wich is proven to have a zombie like affect on people. Of course, After that story hit the news and became a big topic 4 mores stories about people eating eachother were reported, And i honestly believe they were just jumping on the band wagon as people say, although that is a very strange thing to want to do, People are crazy. Plus.. Zombies are slow. There’s nothing to worry about :D

Answer #3

Zombies aren’t real and even if they were the government wouldn’t confirm it, it would cause too much chaos. Zombies and cannibalism are completely different. ZOMBIES - living dead that are dumb and eat people CANNIBALS - normal living people who just eat other people And they’re is not a zombie apocalypse. Hurricane hit all the time, just because there is one now doesn’t mean the world is gonna end. I can tell you I 100% believe the world ISN’T gonna end this year. And you should really stop believing everything you hear, especially when it’s about god damn zombies and a freaking apocalypse.

Answer #4

I do not believe any of the speculations. Rather I believe what the New Testament says will happen, and although many of the prophecies have and are occurring now, there is still ALOT that has to happen yet and I think 2012 will go on out and come to pass.

Answer #5

I don’t believe that the world is going to end in 2012 because of the people who made the calender stopped on that day. Because they didn’t account for the leap years the world should have ended years ago. But on the other hand, the world is falling apart on its own, but I don’t think that will make the world end any time soon.

Answer #6

i do not believe.

Answer #7

WOW So much nonsense in one question. None of that stuff is true (except possibly the human cannibalism story - may be.) The Dec. 21, 2012 end of world Mayan calendar thing makes no more sense than New Year’s Eve being the end because your 2012 calendar stops!! Nibiru is fictional. Although an asteroid hitting Earth is possible (see ‘Crater Lake’ and ‘dinosaur extinction’), the nearest one known is asteroid #2012-DA14 which, on 15 Feb 2013, will pass Earth at a distance of 21,000 miles - close but no cigar.
Zombies are totally dead people that reanimate, which happened twice in the bible, but never in reality. And hurricane Sandy does NOT portend the-end-of-days. At most it is a heads up that global climate change is REAL - just like most scientists have been warning for years!!

Answer #8

nothing.. solar storms are the only thing i find interesting and scientifically believable

Answer #9

Well ok well read this article and tell me if its real or not…. http://funadvice.com/r/c0iffo8ome2 I am just curious why do they continue to also make zombie films and could that giving us signs that their could be a zombie apocalypse??? If an asteroid is close to hitting earth in February 2013 I hope it passes…21,000 miles seems kind of far away from planet earth so realistically that makes me feel a little but better that it won’t collide with earth and we won’t die. But tell me this why are people saying that the world will end and their is already a date set..December,21,2012, end of the Mayan calendar..ok I get that but your saying this hurricane sandy has no significant signs that the end is near? Planet Nibiru is fake? And how about all those birds falling from the sky in Arkansas??? The fish dying in the water in Texas…that had nothing to do with the world possibly ending next month???

Answer #10

Man in Texas are his own dog for crying out loud..that doesn’t tell you that zombies are on the rise and it could be real?? Come on!!! But this guy was on high marijuana he told his neighbors so idk. Is cannablism on the rise and we will see more of it or zombies are real or neither of this is true or will happen? I am just worrying alot here I’m sorry but I don’t see people talking about this on the news or radio about the world ending..hmmm I wonder why?

Answer #11

They said where I looked up online that something will happen between December 21-23 so I’m hoping I’m wrong and when I wake up in the morning my entire house will be gone or zombies will exist and the dead rise and come back to life….or an asteroid will collide with planet earth and will become planet nibiru. You honestly think all of the stuff I am talking about is bull crap or no? I just hope we will have Christmas before the world ends. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is the 24th and 25th..so theirfore if something happens before then obviously we won’t be here. If the world doesn’t happen to end on dec 21-23 then they will come up with another date that the world will end like in 2013. Tell me something their are TV shows that discuss about doomsday preppers on National Ageigraphic and 2012 Armeggedon and The Nostradumus Effect-tell me this why are their TV shows about this? Seriously I’m still nervous about this and just waiting for dec 21-23 to come and go and hopefully we will all be still alive and the zombie apocalypse won’t happen.

Answer #12

And you don’t believe those disturbing articles I was telling you about the black guy in Maryland that ate his roommates heart?? And a 40 year old Texas man eating his own dog? I mean I’m wondering why haven’t they showed this on TV on CNN,MSNBC,or any of the local news channels..CBS,NBC,Fox,etc? Is it not true maybe that’s why they haven’t showed it or are the news people too afraid to talk about it on air?

Answer #13

I stopped reading after the first 9 words anyone else?

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