How do past eruptions help volcanologists predict future eruptions?

Answer #1

Hmmm I remember learning about this too in school, lets see how much I still do…. They keep a record of how long in between the volcano erupts to the next eruption. They keep all those graphs so after awhile knowing how long inbetween they can kinda predict around when the next will be. I know there is also something with the levels in the volcano… yea sorry can’t remember it all, it’s been a while.. :(

Answer #2

Did you try google searching it, I’m sure there is tons of information on that!

Answer #3

Thanks for trying to help(: and i tried google searching it but surprsingly there was like no infomation on it D:

Answer #4

Really wow that amazing, here I’ll try searching it up and I’ll tell you if I find anything

Answer #5

Volcanologists can’t predict future eruptions based on past eruptions as each Volcano is unique, the events leading up to an eruption at one Volcano may not take place before an eruption at another Volcano, the volcano doesn’t have the same pattern with each eruption, it’s always changing, general pre-eruption behavior may be observed at different Volcano’s so it does help scientists when there is a pattern, scientists monitor and study the CO2 gas coming out of Volcanos and it may help predict the unstability of a Volcano, the future for outright predictions of eruptions doesn’t look brigh

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