Do you think there's too much traffic?

Do you think more people should get on the bus or use a bicycle? What is this caused by? What would be a good solution for this?

Answer #1

It’s a busy world and a busy life nowadays. I think in large cities many people do use public transit and ride bikes, but for some of us that live in rural areas and travel into the city for work and to do business, that just won’t work.

Answer #2

I guess it depends on where you live. Traffic used to never bother me until I moved into a busy downtown area for college. I do wish more people here would use public transportation, but I can see why they don’t. The buses here are generally considered unsafe to use at night and I sure as heck wouldn’t bike through certain neighborhoods. Many college students here buy cars because taking the train home can be somewhat of a hassle and usually runs late. I think that myself and others would use more public transportation if it were efficient and reliable, but that’s just not the case for many cities. We don’t have anything here like the L-Train or a subway system or the Metro like we did in the city I grew up in. It’s just easier having a car, I guess.

Answer #3

less people in the world would solve traffic isues

Answer #4

We have 350,000,000 people roughly in the US. Over the next 35 years that number is supposed to grow by 50,000,000! We have congestion now due to poor city planning. I do think transportation will look totally different over the next 25-30 years however.

Answer #5

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Answer #6

it is reality that the traffic is getting worst ever shape

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