How can we slow global warming?

Is it possible that it can be stopped?

Answer #1

Global warming as we all know it is not very understood. Some scientist and politicians say one thing and other people say another thing. I don’t think we have to worry about it in our lifetime. Maybe thousands of years from now there may be a catastrophic effect but it may happen anyway even if the whole world stop polluting.

Answer #2

I’m sorry Elmo, but that’s all BS. The scientific minds in this world understand full and well what we as modern humanity are doing to our home. Their conclusion and their message are being effectively suppressed by “popular” government and legislation/lobbying, in order to further their short sighted industrial and economical interests. We could have entirely carbon-neutral fueled vehicles right now, in this new year, but since the upper echelon of this planet is making trillions off of fossil fuels, that idea… that fact will never come to light. Global Warming, or climate change is a very real thing, and our current model of society is making it worse by magnitudes yearly…

Answer #3

I don’t think it can be stopped. I think humanity has aged mother Earth so much that it’s weaknesses are showing as a result of us taking it for granted. Although, I’m not going to stop driving my bubble car to and from school when there’s major companies all over the world who are responsible for much more than that.

Answer #4

Understand your pollution output (Hydrocarbons) and et some exercise. Re-evaluate your comfort and dependency on gas/diesel vehicles and ride a bike. If you must have internal combustion, then look into bio diesel or hydrogen power in your area. Nowadays (thankfully) alot of electric companies are implementing “green” (lmao) energy. make it abundantly clear in any way available to you that they should really be ALL “green” in their energy production. Your voice in this world is your money. What happens in this world depends on what —PEOPLE— spend their money on.

Answer #5

You are fundamentally right Gabby. We are all subjects of our own co-dependent realities; that is our greatest and most verifying defense. This age that we have allowed to be fouled is coming to an end. Our leaders have mucked it up again and Mother will intervene soon :D!!!!. Please, everyone, be careful and prepare to survive. There are dark times for humanity ahead.

Answer #6

I think less pollution meaning ‘’ less rubbish’’

Answer #7

world is doing its part , burning less fossil fuel it will help

Answer #8

i dont believe in global warming that bs the earth goes through going cold and then hot,cold then hot nothing wrong with that a while back ago they said that global cooling was going and that we would all freeze to death. they say the same things that global cooling was going to happen and the reasons why it was going to happen. this link is of when in the magizene Time said that global cooling was happening

Answer #9

i mean think of when the ice age happened a long time ago and of course it ended because THE EARTH GOT HOTTER the earth goes in cycles and theres nothing wrong with that. in a couple years from now it will start to get cold and everyone will say global cooling is happening and we are all going to die

Answer #10

Mother nature has a way of self cleansing and as Devin posted it won’t be pretty. The Hopi Indians as well as many other tribes …believe our current age is ending …what’s left of the aftermath…will give birth to a new world, unlike what we live today.

Answer #11

Yep. I’m full of BS. :/

Answer #12

The vast majority of climate scientists agree that man is changing our climate. The view that we are not changing our climate is the fringe view but since there are huge financial interests in maintaining the status quo the fringe view is heavily promoted in order to convince the public that the jury is still out. It really isn’t though.

Answer #13

I posted awhile back about “what if” we gave the US back to the Indians. The truth is…Indian prophecies do forsee this happening in mother nature deciding it so. When catastrophies and destruction put an end to government structure and law gives way to the laws of anarchy. Those who survive and are civilized will seek out the tribes that exist and it is the tribes and their settlers that will flourish. They will shape the society that will become the new world and give it order.

Answer #14

The earthquake and tsunami’s that hit Japan and their nuclear facilities…should have been a warning to all. Same as the BP spill….Climate change or no climate change ….it doesn’t take much scientific knowledge to see patterns forming worldwide in examples of what mother nature and man’s own designs are capable of. When and how the two butt heads together is already taking place…the only question is when the force and impact of both…. sets a path we can no longer change.

Answer #15

Devin, the main reason what you are suggesting will never happen is because it would require people to accept a lower standard of living. Every green source of energy is more expensive than cheap fossil fuels. Higher energy costs would make people drive smaller cars, live in smaller houses, spend a greater portion of their income of food and transportation resulting in less discretionary money. A lot of people are skeptical of climate change because it goes against their worldview; telling this group of people they will have to accept a lower standard of living based on a theory they don’t like is a tough sell. Things will have to get a lot worse before climate change skeptics will be swayed.

Answer #16

very good Marisha I could had not said it better myself. I have studiend Indian cultures here in the US for 2 yrs and I must admit I was shocked to see all the distruction our society has done and yet how mother nature revived us. The Indians had an understanding with Mother Nature - Leave it as it is - and take only what you need to survive, for your greed will eradicate all that defy Mother Nature

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