Does anyone know why we have had so many tornadoes already this year?

Answer #1

Not exactly sure the scientific side to tornadoes, but I think it must have something to do with the climate change. If tornadoes are not usually a regular and frequent occurrence and is now getting worse all of a sudden, it may be fair to say, climate change is playing a big role in what we are seeing now. Sadly, climate change is a global problem not just for individual countries to combat the problem themselves. This year alone, we all have seen in the media, news about tornadoes in the USA, floods in Australia, earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. It is alarming and concerning for all and it should be something we should be aware of as the world is going to be worse off for our next, next and next generation of kids that are born if we do not do anything to reduce the effect of global climate change now.

Answer #2

Yeah the weather has been horrific for a lot of people. Normally we would only average about 130 tornadoes by this time of the yr, as of now we have had over 1000!!!!! Its terrible

Answer #3

Well i no tornados happen becuz warm air mixes with cool air. and there was a cold front that came in from canada. little chilly this mornin. So many people died :( prayers for them and their family

Answer #4

Yes prayers for all the people affected and the ones that lost thr lives

Answer #5

Holy cow, 130 tornadoes per calendar year wow. That alone would be frightening, now I understand why people in some parts of US, built underground cellar that they jump into when the tornadoes hits. Wonder if tornadoes are the same as twisters.

Answer #6

Not 130 per calender yr but that’s the norm for this particular time in the tornado season, I think we usually get about 300 per season if I’m not mistaken

Answer #7

its the end of the world! 2012 is coming!!! lol

Answer #8

just blame it on global warming, its the latest fad.

Answer #9

nah…ppl will make assumptions that its all due to 2012 and stuff but i think it’s just a coincidence nothing to worry about..all factors contradict the 2012 thing:)

Answer #10

idk, but Al Gore must be sad, since it’s freezing, so don’t blame it Global Warming!

Answer #11

its not a fad, in fact maybe you should watch 11th hour or the inconvenient truth or get yourself a book and inform yourself buddy. Global warming may not have directly caused the tornadoes but the effects of global warming such has climate change or the fact it can cause extreme weather events did. =)

Answer #12

nature is upreddictable

Answer #13

Right on

Answer #14

ok, calm down. its the internet not everything i type has to be taken seriously. im well aware that global warming has been documented and is widely accepted as fact. u not being able to tell when someone is making a joke just shows how unintelligent you are. oh and not to mention, inconvenient truth is a documentary made to raise awareness and it should not be used to convince people that global warming is real, if you want someone to believe something sight a reliable source.

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