Is our planet dying?

garbage there garbage here. cutting the trees there and here. and what so ever,do you think mother earth would still last if us humans are squeezing all the natural resources that we have,such as trees,oils and etc.

Answer #1

I believe the planet is probably slowly dying, no one wants to do anything about it, though, myself included. Im not going to be around when it all really starts going to sht so it doesnt bother me none. As Irene says, “fck the world, im not here to stay.”

Answer #2

it has been dying since the beginning just like everything else.. probly will be a long time b4 it completely dies

Answer #3

No, it’s not. We’ll be long gone before anything of a serious magnitude afflicts the planet. Understand that what effects people doesn’t effect the planet in the same sense. The planet doesn’t have a set of lungs that need X amount of oxygen.

It has gone through solar flares, the magnetic reversal of the pole, hundreds and thousands of years of bombardment by asteriods and meteors, world wide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, flooding, and somehow a plastic bag and 200 years of industry is supposed to outweigh all of that…?

Answer #4

Hard to say, I think there’s an ongoing problem and it’s getting worse but some of the worry is going overboard imo. Nevertheless I do what I can, I turn off the electricity when I don’t need them and I try to recycle when I can.

I think (hope?) things will be better in a few decades’ time, as the world develops more and more people will be exposed to how some of humanity’s excesses are unsustainable. I already see this change happening, most of the old and middle-aged folks around my area don’t give a cr*p about environmental issues but the youths are increasingly getting involved in recycling, supporting renewable energy etc.

Answer #5

Selfish ;)

Answer #6

Very. ;]

Answer #7


Answer #8

I think he means the human race - the earth will be here for many millions, billions even, of years to come but it might not be habitable for people in the near future. Although as I’ve mentioned in my reply some of the hype and paranoia is unwarranted imo - doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a grain of truth in it though.

Answer #9

Yes there is some truth to all of it, especially how CFC’s are disassembling ozone particles and allowing for less radiation to be absorbed by the atomsphere but what I’m saying is this is only relevent because our existence is in danger? According to myself, the earth will still be here whether it can support life or not, it only matters now because the need to extend our existence is important and this is abridging it.

Answer #10

Ok, we agree then :)

Answer #11

That we do :)

Answer #12

Miguel, it would be very naive to go on thinking that human industrialization is not having a serious impact on the earth. Yes, the Earth has survived billions (not just hundreds of thousands) of years of upheaval and natural disasters. But the human race has only been here relatively recently. And studies show that since industrial revolution, humans have had a very powerful and negative impact on the global ecology.

Answer #13

Hopefully when you grow up and have kids you will be more empathic to those who come after us.

Answer #14

Not everybody wants to have kids Jim ;) (fwiw I’m not talking about myself)

Answer #15

a lot of people say that we will all die in 2050

Answer #16

@ Miguel - Great George Carlin quote :D. (Well very close to it any ways)

Answer #17

I know Ivan, but if he doesn’t have kids, then it doesn’t really matter what he thinks. If he does have kids, he will probably care a little more about what kind of world they and their kids will be living in.

Answer #18

well there were tons of dates on the end of the world already -.-….. 200, 2012, 1998, ect,,,,,, and theres about 200 more predictions! No one will ever be sure or be able to predict when the human race or the planet will die. All we know is that nothing lasts forever.

Answer #19

No It isn’t dying anytime soon but there definitely is something interesting happening to it.

Answer #20

Yeah he’s the first one that came to mind when I was thinking this up :)

Answer #21

you see mother nature has a balance and it will get it one way or another, i dont think that humans will live long enough to kill the planet bcus i think the planet will kill us first,either by big storms,rising heat,or freezing cold it doesnt matter unless we find a balance with earth

Answer #22

I think the earth wouldn’t be dying anytime soon.

Answer #23

As a figure of speech yes, but we as a species will die out from disease or self inflicted destruction before it “dies” and agricultural life will spring forth without the obstacle of urbanization and deforestation as our corpses become enriching food for soil and wildlife as our structures slowly fall apart without maintenance and earth is returned to it’s primal state

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