Do you think this extreme weather around the world is a sign of the End Times?

Answer #1

haha no thats bs

Answer #2

No, it is a natural cycle of the Earth. It warms and cools in 17,000 year cycles. in another 8,500 years we will have people asking if all this cold weather is a sign of end times

Answer #3

the world will end when God want it to in the bible it says sometihing like this: no one knows when the world will end not the angels in heaven or even jeseus himself only the one and only God knows when

Answer #4

Scientists. Have said that the weather will change dramatically. They said this 12.years ago. They say the sun will have stronger solar storms. That’s happening now. Global warming? Solar storms? We’ll find out soon.

Answer #5

nope.the world has had many ice ages,and many other climates.were im not saying that our polution isent affecting the carbon levels it we like it or not.nothing we need to worry about now but something we need to start thinking about before it does affect us to the point of no return

Answer #6

If we make it by then, that is. :P

Answer #7

Not really. With the whole 2012 doomsday scenario, it seems like every disaster is seen as a sign that the world will end. I don’t think that it will happen anytime soon, though. I just think people are getting too paranoid and should just let nature take its course. Before we know it, it will be 2013, and there will be a new “end of the world” date.

Answer #8

17000 year cycles is a little low on the number but you are correct in the idea that this is the planets natural course. some scientist had theory about 60 years ago that we are not yet done leaving the last ice age. with that in mind the planet will naturally be come a whole lot warmer maybe removing winter it’s self before it starts to cool down once again but if my memory servers correct the cycle is over 1,000,000 year process

Answer #9

Absolutely not - the same thing happened in 1993. I remember it well because I was nine months pregnant with my first child and I was walking around town in shorts and sandals (keep in mind that I’m in northern Canada). The day she was born (May 10), we had the highest recorded temperature in 50 years.

Answer #10

No I believe 2012 will have drastic weather changes and catastrophic nature events but the world will not end.

Answer #11

While I do not think that world will end anytime soon I do believe that what we do to our planet will result in disastrous consequences if we do not do anything to change. But I think the world itself will remain intact however the people on it might die from the aforementioned disastrous consequences.

Answer #12

I belive it could mean the end of humanity as the earth heats and contorts the tornados and hurrucans whille be bigger and more frecuant and the heat will devistate crops and water supplies will run dry so its the end for us but not of time

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