What kinds of questions should I expect to see on the test I have to take in order to get my permit?

(Yes, there is a test.)

Answer #1

I don’t ever remember takeing a test to get a permit

Answer #2

Yeah I didn’t think there was one, but my moms friend who works at the dmv said there was one.

Answer #3

Maybe you should ask your moms friend

Answer #4

You can get the drivers manual and it has a practice test on the back but my sista told me the questions were harder.

Answer #5

I have one but i’m not sure where I placed it, o: I guess i’ll go searching for it.

Answer #6

lol if you dont find it i think you can get another one from dmv :)

Answer #7

It’s a lot of common sense questions… Like what do you do at a stop sign?

  1. Come to a complete stop.
  2. Slow down.
  3. Turn off your car.
  4. Drive through it at top speed.
Answer #8

where i live, the test is super easy, i didnt even study for it and i passed. it asks you what to do if you need to pull over, if there’s a biker in front of you and you want to pass them, what to do at a stop sign, who gets the right-of-way (pedestrian or driver)….

Answer #9

Mainly, like “How do I approach a stop sign?” or “How far away should I stop from a school bus” “How far away should I park from the yellow/blue zone/ stop sign” any of that stuff.

Answer #10

It’s literally almost all commen sense! Take your time, and focus on what the question is asking. It’s really easy, i only missed 2.

Answer #11

So there should be a test. Here, there’s thirty questions and you can only get two out of the first twenty wrong and one out of the last ten. I got them all right because I studied the practice test online. Not sure if that’s available to you though.

Answer #12

i didnt have to take a test. i just had to write an essay about what i learned during the classes…but my big brother took the test and it as just abut what the signs ment and what u should do when u get into a car and how far away do u stay from a care in front of u0

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