Is driving hard?

Well I’m kind of scared to drive because i think I’m gonna crash or hurt myself, so i just want opinions when you guys learned was it hard & scary? Thanks.

Answer #1

nope. its really easy. i love driving :D

Answer #2

im scared to drive too lol ‘_’

Answer #3

Well, at first it was difficult. You have to get use to the car, feel for the break. I suggest wearing flats, so you can actually get a feel for where the pedal and break is. Driving can be easy or complicated depending on how you are with the care. You will get comfortable in time, do not lose your confidence. It’s sort of a big deal but with the proper instruction you will get it!

Answer #4

Not if you relax. If you tense up and get nervous you’ll probably struggle. Just be chill and confident and get in the mindset that you’re a freaking awesome driver and it will be easy. Trust me.

Answer #5

No, not hard. But it sucks in traffic.

Answer #6

At first I had a Death-grip on the steeringwheel..not necessary :-) ….but learn the good habit of driving defensively at ALL times > Expect that other car to do the wrong thing so you can adjust…and NEVER forget your #1 priority is to DRIVE PAYING ATTENTION !…change that CD/pick up that cup/look at that text, etc CAN WAIT……Happy Driving !!

Answer #7

It depends. Where I grew up in the country driving was pretty easy with little traffic and no aggressive drivers. Where I live now there is heavy traffic and lots of kamikaze drivers who have no problem risking there and your life to get home a minute sooner. There are places worse than where I live. Massachusetts has the most aggressive, fearless, and rudest drivers of anyplace I’ve driven. Boston drivers are almost beyond belief; homicidal psychopath is the only term I can think of that does them justice.

Answer #8

At first of course. Knowing any mistake you make could result in the death of yourself or others in addition to severe financial problems, really made me drive super cautiously. Which was good for me. Now its as easy as walking.

Answer #9

Its a lot of things to pay attention to at once. Where are all the cars around me? What are then doing? Is that guy going to run the stop sign or just stop with half his car past it? Is that old lady going to wait for the crossing symbol or just wander into traffic?

After a while it becomes second nature (or at least it has for me) to pay attention to all these things. You get used to the pressure and driving for some people becomes very enjoyable.

And of course the more people around the harder it is at first. I live in a fairly small city, but the first time I tried to drive in a collage town, it was terrible. I actually had my friend drive my car for most the time I was down there the first time because I couldn’t handle all the traffic.

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