Answer #1

Opinions vary on this but I’ll say Ford all the way and have personal experience as well as other peoples accounts to back it up. Also, look up who’s sales are the highest over the past say 20-30 years.

Answer #2

dodge all the way any day

Answer #3

Dodge all the way

Answer #4

Chevy lol

Answer #5

Neither - Chevy riding high!

Answer #6

Dodge or Ford? Porsche or Audi? Canon or Nikon? Mac or PC? Denon or Teac? Cuisinart or Robot Coupe? Kitchenaid or Viking? Vitamix or Blendtec? Shimano or Campagnolo?

You will never find a consensus on the relative merits between top competing brands of anything.

Answer #7

I think your thought process is a little off track, due to all of your moving. Your over worked. Get some rest & come back tomorrow & retake the test. . ツ

Answer #8

Personally I am found of Chevy’s for a couple reasons: 1)That’s what I have spent a lot of time around and what most of my family owns, so they are easy to work on for me.

  1. Chevy doesn’t change up parts they use nearly as much as other Manufacturers, at least on older models. I put a window wiper motor from a late 70’s 1/2 ton pickup in an 83 Caprice Classic full sized car. I put a radiator from a 2002 Blazer in a 1990 S10. Drive line from an early 80’s Pickup into a 86 GMC Suburban. Parts are easy to find, and a lot of times cheaper at parts stores & easy to find in the junk yards. Same part is used for 20yrs, its cheaper to manufacturer. Don’t have to change equipment and less time in R&D.
  2. I have had bad experiances with Ford making “1/2” years and couldn’t find a drive line for a certain Ford Pickup (can’t remember year right now, it wasn’t mine I was helping a friend.)

If I had to choose between Ford and Dodge, I would choose Dodge. I like their diesels better (even than Chevy’s DuraMax ). From my experience of working on them they aren’t too hard to work on.

Answer #9

I don’t really know much about newer Chevy’s tho. Don’t like working on them and the\ newest thing I own is a ‘98 S10.

Answer #10

I would say Ford

Answer #11

Chevy sucks fords r aways puling those peices of junk out of a ditch some where.So ford is way bettter.

Answer #12

Definately Ford:)

Answer #13


Answer #14


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