What's the best motorcycle for a girl?

I am about to get my class M license, what do you think would be the best sports motorcycle for someone who is 5’1” I know you can lower the seatings so what do you think would be best?

Answer #1

My opinion is a Honda about a 250cc depending on her size and strength . it is quite, has a great ride and low maintenance.

Answer #2

Yes, the honda rebel is a 250, and suzuki also has a 250cc motorcycle. I want to get one, but I’m not aloowed to ride one until I am 18.

Answer #3

Anyone who is still a novice or considers themselves a novice should start out with the lowest cc bikes first to understand the way bikes react.

I would recommend either the Kawasaki Ninja 250R or the Honda CBR 250R. Both bikes are affordable for a beginner and both have great potential to be driven for a long time before wanting to move up.

The Ninja is carbed so knowing how to change and clean it is a must. The Honda is obviously more on the tech side so if you like flashy lights, go with that.

If you can find a place, I’d recommend even a Hyosung 250R or an Aprillia RS125 (street legal version), but they don’t have a huge community so you’ll get a bit stuck on maintenance.

NEVER start with something like a 600+cc bike because a)too inexperienced for the power b)too short for the stock seat height and c) insurance costs for a powerful bike is way more than a 250cc.

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Answer #5

AH, FINALLY A GOOD QUESTION. Honestly DO NOT. get a 250. You’ll learn to ride it, then you’ll hate it later on. Bogging down when going up steep hills, barely breaking 85mph on the highway… sucks.

As for a beginner bike, what’re you wanting to ride? Sportsbike? Cruiser? Dualsport? Obviously if you’ve rode a motorcycle or have any idea how to ride one, then get yourself either a Yamaha WR250R(or X) it’s a dual sport, has really peppy speed, can has 75miles per gallon. and if you want you can pop wheelies and all that fun stuff on it aswell when you’re more comfortable with the bike.

As for the 600s, If you want a 600 go for it, you don’t have to lower it, you’ll just have to stand on your toes a bit. The bike squats when you sit on it, not much, but enough. Also get yourself a pair of frame sliders, they are about 30dollars, screw into your engine mounts (Easy to install) and protects your plastics from screwing up incase you, which you will, drop the bike. Just remember, the gas mileage on these things aren’t too great. roughly 35-40mpg if you’re obeying the speed limit, which, you wont lol. So avoid the 1000cc’s and definitely the 250’s.

But there’s plenty of beginner bikes, anything 250 in the DUAL SPORT class is very good. Anything BELOW 700cc’s in other bike classes.

Engine cc’s are odd. While a Suzuki GSX-F 650 has 50 more cc’s than the GSX-R 600, the GSXR(Gixxer) will literally demolish the 650. Difference between a sporttouring and a super sport.

Motorcycles are heavy, no matter what bike you get. So be mindful that no matter how experienced you are or how strong you are, once you get a motorcycle past a certain point, that thing is going over.

And insurance wise… they are expensive, I’m currently paying $230 a month on my motorcycle, that’s a 1000 cc sportsbike. It was $120 a month on a 600 sportsbike. See the difference? Cruisers/dualsports/sporttouring, basically anything other than your sportbikes will be definitely cheaper.

Be safe out there, and welcome to the world of motorcycles!

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Thanks! :) very helpful!

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Answer #8

its exciting to ride a motorcycle but its exceedingly exciting for a girl to own a motorcycle. i am a girl too and i own a street bike and i feel really proud. its one i would advice you to go for. I also get top quality items for my bike by going for Harley Accessories and V Twin Bike Parts as well as Touring Bike Accessories for my brother who owns a sport bike.

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