How hard are shocks to do on a 98 S10?

I need to do the shocks on my pickup, but I have never done shocks before. One friend (who normally does ALL his own mechanic work) says take it to a shop. Other friend says its not too bad, but on his Landrover :P.

Anyone ever done then on a new model S10? Or Blazer/Jimmy should be about the same.

Its 4WD too.

Answer #1

Hardest part will be getting the bolts loose. Since it’s a 98 they will be plenty rusty you may need an air impact to get em off. Also use some jack stands or something to make sure the truck cant fall on you when you have it jacked up. Changing shocks can go good or it can be a real pain if you don’t have the right tools. Asses the situation before you tear into it. If you decide to take it to a shop, I doubt the labor will be all that costly. Sometimes it’s worth it.

Answer #2

Well I was going to have a friend help me. He has a full shop setup for working on his farm equipment. The front shocks don’t look too bad. I had to pull the bottom bolt when we did my CV Joins this spring. That’s when I realized my shocks where toast.

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