What questions do I have to know to pass my permit test?

so do you guys remember what questions were on there & what do you have to know & stuff like that..? thanks. :)

Answer #1

Each questions are different for each state.

And I failed once and passed It the 2nd time every time a person takes a test they scramble the questions with newer questions.

Read the study book like I did and you can pass It :D

Answer #2

Just look through the drivers manual, it’s not a big book at all and honestly the test isn’t hard. I passed it the first time I took it with no problems and honestly I went in on a whim to take the test and picked up the book about an hour for the first time before going in.

Answer #3

You’re going to have to read your DMV hand book to find that out. You need to know what is illegal for driving, and what a double yellow line is meant for. You need to know signs, and signals. You also need to know plenty of other things but the hand book explains all that. Read it.

Answer #4

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Answer #5

Like everyone else said, the questions vary from state to state and they have a HUGE pool the pule them from and give you different random questions every time.
Read through the DMV handbook, do the practice test, and it shouldn’t be too bad. Most of it is common sense and things you already know. Like signs you see almost every day around town (It will show a picture of a sign warning about a sharp 90 turn, and ask what does the sign mean). They just throw a few odd one ones in there like “How far are taillights supposed to be visible at night”. Those shorts of things are in the handbook.

They only one I can remember that I know I got wrong was “When raining, when is the road most dangerous” I answered “When its been raining for several hours” because I thought the danger of hydro planning would increase with more water on the road. But the answer they were looking for was “When it first starts raining”, their reasoning being any oil residue on the road will now be floating on top of the water reducing friction and making it hard to stop. After its been raining for some time that oil is washed away.

Answer #6

depends on the state usually you shoudl read the book and you can most likely just google (your state here)’s practice permit test and take some practice test study those thats what i did and i passed the first time

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