Does putting gasoline in the freezer make it last longer for cars?

if been reading a post about putting stuff in the freezer and i wonder is this is true.

Answer #1

um i dont think so cuz its still gas…nothing has changed.

Answer #2

uhm…. logically speaking seeing as the mass has not changed (meaning freezing one liter will not make it magically become 2 liters) it wont do anything for the car….

Answer #3

Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons and goes bad when the shorter and lighter hydrocarbons evaporate leaving behind only the longer heavier molecules and when some of its components oxidize and form gums.. If you ever worked on an engine that had been stored for years you might have seen it turn into a thick varnish like substance. Chilling gasoline in theory would slow the evaporation of the lighter hydrocarbons as well as oxidation. Keeping it in a sealed container should also work though.

Answer #4

yeah ive heard that but dont keep it next to food even the smell can ruin your food

Answer #5

As long as the gasoline is restored to room tempature before using it, correct?

Answer #6

No because its not going to do anything to it, it might last a little longer but not much because its still gas when it thaws.

Answer #7

Storing gasloline in your freezer would probably ruin it. When it begins to thaw condensation will form, gasloline is ruined when mixed with water. That is why some cars run badly during the winter when condensation forms in the tank, and you have to put dry gas in the tank to remove it. :)

Answer #8

Different components of gasoline freeze at different rates. Some impurities might freeze at warmer temperature but the longer hydrocarbon fractions start to freeze at -100F and the shorter fractions do not freeze until below -300F. Dry ice sublimates at about -100F which is probably cold enough to make gasoline thicken. Liquid nitrogen boils at -320F so it should be cold enough to freeze gasoline. I know of gasoline engines reliably starting at -40 so gasoline can still atomize at this temperature. Unless you have a way to chill gasoline to extreme temperatures it probably wouldn’t need to be warmed. Cold gasoline could cause cause some problems with water condensation.

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