What direction is a booster seat for a 2 year old supposed to face in the car?

my brother is facing his back to us?

Answer #1

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Answer #2

i think at that age they can already face the front…but the reason ur supposed to put the baby facing the fack window is because the inpact is less on the baby and has a better chance of living if u all are ever in a crash.

Answer #3

That depends on how large, heavy and muscular the child is and on the weight limit of the seat.

If you put a too-small child in a front-facing seat, then during a crash the neck might break. Babies heads are very heavy compared to the rest of their bodies and they usually do not have the neck musculature to support and protect their neck in a crash. Thus the reverse-seats are safest for babies and small, weak toddlers. Because the seat will support the weight of the head.

But then, if the toddler outgrows the seat and the head is above the end of the backrest, there is no sufficient protection anymore. Then parents should switch to the front-facing seat.

Answer #4

Two years olds face front. It’s not safe to face them to the back, as their legs are too long to properly secure the seat in place.

Answer #5

If a baby is developing at the correct rate, the car seat should be facing the front by the time they turn 1. So, to answer your question, it should be facing the front(unless told otherwise by the doctor).

Answer #6

There are 3 different types of seats for children. Infant carriers, carseats, and booster seats. Booster seats are for older children (usually 3-4+) and face forward only. Carseats are meant for infants-toddlers and usually do forward facing and rear facing. Infant carriers are for newborn and small infants and rear face only.

Once an infant outgrows their infant carrier (read manual for size) they should move to a carseat that is capable of rear and forward facing. Legally and for safety they are not allowed to forward face until they are 1 year old and 20lbs. A child should not be moved to a booster seat until they are at least 3 years old (depending on the booster) and the booster should be a high back booster. Older children 6-12 (depending on their size) can use the base booster seats safely.

It’s best to research the seat thoroughly before buying it. All carseats are made different for different size children. not all boosters are made for 3 year olds but there are a few.

Also, the middle of the back seat is usually safest for carseats but booster seats are meant to be used with the shoulder strap.

In addition, now days they say it’s safer to leave a child rear facing until they are 2.

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