What's going on with the spoiler on my car?

I have a spoiler on the back of my sunfire and it feels like it’s rusted (it’s really rough and scratchy) but it’s definitely not rust. Is the paint just rubbing off, or what? It’s really bothering me though, haha. I want to fix it asap so I need to know if I can just paint over it, need something to fix the rust-like stuff or need a whole new spoiler.

Answer #1

Some paint, if chipped or scratched even the tiniest bit, starts to fade or eat away at itself. If that’s what it is you might need to sand it back and paint it again.

Answer #2

Spoiler is an indispensable auto part for your favorite car.Though a tiny scratch,it would look like a bit ugly even with increasingly fade.In case of a worse situation,you might as well not pain over alone,yet get a new spoiler instead.Sometimes,what we have to replace is necessary.Thus replacing a new one is advisable,which costs less.My friend just replaced one bought from below pages, http://funadvice.com/r/1601nka5p02 you may at some extend refer to.

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