Should 16 year olds be allowed to drive cars?

Answer #1

No because my bloody insurance will go up and i’ll get hit left, right and centre.


Answer #2

yes but no becuz of the BODY insurance xD>

Answer #3

Where I live we get our learners license at 16. :)

Answer #4

Some six-teen-year-olds have no machine control skills at all. Some are very skilled drivers. They should be individually tested rigorously before being granted the privilege of sharing the road with us.

Answer #5

well ..many countries around the world allow such thing i think it depends on the country you live in (thats legally) …i think a person at 14 can drive if he knows how to drive or went to driving school before (mentally and potentially)

Answer #6

16 is the legal age to get your driver’s license here … considering that, there aren’t nearly as many accidents by 16 year old drivers as you may think.

Answer #7

@my country we get license form the age of 16 nolonger 18 cos kids grow faster this days. So if you are tall enough to see ur bumber then you go ahead and learn how to drive… All im tryin to say is YESSSSSSSSSSS!!

Answer #8

haha way up

Answer #9

no i don’t think so to allow driving to 16 years old children because there are many reasons they are not yet major insurance policy will not be available

Answer #10

no i don’t think so to allow driving to 16 years old children because there are many reasons they are not yet major insurance policy will not be available

Answer #11


Answer #12

yes they should be able to chart them selves around for work and school. i don’t want to drive my kids to work they need to drive them selves

Answer #13

Yes ….. as long as they have a liscensed adult driver sitting in the passenger seat supervising. Actually I think, if they take it up in school, maintain high grade averages they should. Now that would be one way to entice kids into schoolwork……LOL

Answer #14

Yes but with some restrictions. Here in North Carolina you can get your licence at 16 but there are some very good restrictions. The restrictions last for 6 months. Some of the restrictions are:

No driving unsupervised after 9PM unless coming from a school activity or work.

The license holder is allowed to have one person under the age of 21 in the vehicle when he or she is driving unsupervised. However the license holder may have more than one sibling in the vehicle while driving unsupervised but they can’t have siblings and a friend.

Cell phone must be off.

And here is a new one just enacted. If you are a teen and have this provisional license and you are speeding and going 15 over the speed limit and the police pull you over they will treat you like it is a DWI and will arrest you and put you in jail no questions asked. You will then have your license revoked for 30 days.

Answer #15

16 is the legal age here… And why not? Restricting them from driving another two years isn’t really going to help them. They need to develop the skills at some point.

Answer #16


Answer #17

yes they should

Answer #18

Yes, because parents are busy working and such, it’s convenient for their kids to drive themselves to school/work/hang out with friends, etc. But it’s very important that the parents model and teach their kids how to be a good driver before they let them on the road by themselves.

Answer #19

yusss we are sick of taking buses!

Answer #20

never. it is illegal

Answer #21

I say teens should choose…driving or cell phones but you can’t have both. Texting is the number one cause in the US for driving fatalities. And too many teens can’t seem to do any other functions without also holding a phone and texting 24/7.

Answer #22

And yes it’s not just teens…many of them learned it growing up watching their younger generational parents do it. So I’m not just pointing fingers it’s only teens but the vast majority of teens all text and have walked into or almost into people and things while texting. That’s not someone who should be behind the wheel of a car.

Answer #23

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Answer #24

Not in some places.

Answer #25

The legal driving age in my town is 15. We are one of the safest towns in the United States for traffic. Think about that one.

Answer #26

i think it would be cool to drive at 16

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