What is this grit in my oil?

Yesterday, I went to Valvoline to get my oil changed, I had been 2,000 miles overdue cause I never have time to get things done on my car, and shortly after getting the oil changed i went to add in some STP Oil Treatment (because the car DOES burn a good amount of oil) and there was all this gritty stuff when I opened the oil cap and checked the dipstick. What is it, where is it from, and how concerned should I be? I did drive maybe two miles in city traffic before stopping and getting the oil treatment. The car is a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria with the standard 4.6L V8, and was never used for police work. 150,000 miles/240,000 kilometers

Thank you

Answer #1

Is the grit metalic or more like black sludge? If it’s black then it’s just carbon or heat hardened oil residue. If it’s white / cream milky stuff then its either condensation or engine coolant getting into the oil from a bad head gasket. ( this is serious ) Change your pcv valve (about 7-8 bucks) PCV stands for positive crankcase ventalation. If the old one is plugged up then the engine is not breathing and it will use oil. I have the same engine in my truck the pcv valve is on the left valve cover if your facing the engine. It’s easy to change.

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