How is the car air conditioning providing oxygen inside the car?

Answer #1

The AC brings air from outside through the vents in the car’s body, it is then cooled and blown out from the dash vents ;)

Answer #2

And how is the air coming out of the car? I thought the AC is only cyrcling the air.

Answer #3

well Brandi explained it, as for how it gets out of the car…. well it actually doesn’t, well not in a traditional sense anyway, you see it slips out of the little places in the car, like the doors, windows, etc. it is not circulated unless you press the air circulation button (looks like the outline of a car with a spiral inside it) air molecules can be packed tightly in one space so it doesn’t matter how much air comes in as long as its able to slip out of somehow, of course if the car was sealed of hermetically you’d have some serious problems and the AC would run for like 5 minutes before it had to be shut off because of the extreme cold/heat it would create in a sealed environment…

Answer #4

Yes, I see the sign of spiral meaning that the air is circulated. The AC does not enrich the O2, so how can this 6 people in the car driving all along for 5 straight hours with all windows closed? Does not make my sense…

Answer #5

Sri, if Air is coming from the outside of course it will have oxygen in it the Air conditioning only cools the air when it enters it does not magically filter the molecules…. so if there was some toxic gas outside that would also come into the car,

and again because the cars are not hermetically sealed it allows for air to come into the vehicle, also the human lungs do not use all the oxygen they take in, 80% goes back out when you exhale :O

Answer #6

OK, now that make sense. I thought a car is completely sealed that no air is coming in or out of the car , while all I know is that )2 is only 20% of air volume. :) Thank you the explanation.

Answer #7

the car isent fully sealed(by the doors or by the vents).air can also leak out..and i know that even if you have the air off i think the car still very very slightly circulates the air to keep co2 from the engine out

Answer #8

cars are not completely airtight. There are vents in the body at certain parts. The vents behind the hood, just under the windshield wipers are where the heater/ac draw air in from the outside and circulate it throughout the car after it is heated or cooled, depending on whether you are using the heater or ac. It escapes through vents that are located in the door jambs of most vehicles. The next time you have the door open on your car look at the lower door jamb, you should see little black plastic grilles, those are the vents that carry the air back outside of the car. I know alot about cars because my dad is a car guy and he works for Chrysler :)

Answer #9

Thank you Brandi. That answers my curiosity :)

Answer #10

The air is fresh which is induced in the car from outside, it is cooled by refrigerant in the evaporator of the air conditioning system, it is a well vented system.

Answer #11

Yes its true.AC brings air from outside and then blow out it from dash vents.

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