Will "toasted skin syndrome" stop you from using heated car seats?

Apparently this has become a problem as people are developing skin problems from the use of their car’s heated seats.

Roes that concern you at all?

Read about it: http://funadvice.com/r/bq4a57d7h1l

Answer #1

I am not concerned as i have never had a car with heated seats or heard of it….I have a bran new top of the range sports edition vehicle and heated seats is not there…not that i have ever had the need,-12 i have experianced and other than wanting a heated steering wheel that once ,heated seats i just cannot ever imagine wanting or needing.Is it for Women?

Answer #2

If they can afford the luxury, they can afford the medical insurance for their indulgence. I think of it as a added bells and whistles luxury, keep up with the Jones’ option. If you have a working heater or A/C it may take you a few minutes longer to feel the effects. I agree with BadBoyVibes you don’t miss what you never wanted or felt you needed. And to answer your question BadBoy, I’m a woman who doesn’t get it ether.

Answer #3

I won’t stop using the heated seats in my parents vehicles. They keep my butt warm when it’s cold, or when my back is out of line I sit in the truck with the heat warmers turned on. It helps with the pain. :)

Answer #4

Heated seats are the BOMB! I have them in my Escalade, and have had them in other vehicles as well. They have all had leather seats. Now the rage is heated and cooled seating! Maybe when I make enough to upgrade to a new Escalalde I will get to enjoy that feature. As far as the EAI, Erythema ab igne, also known as toasted skin syndrome, It might if you the exposure is too long. But If your rear is really that cold I dont think it would:)

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