What would happen if a flying car was made?

I mean if a flying car is invented people could go to any country they want and we wouldn’t need to buy plane tickets anymore what do you think would happen tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

I think planes wouldn’t exist anymore and we would have stuff that is on air like houses and shiz

Answer #2

that would be a chaos since it is impossible YET to have a flying traffic regulation

Answer #3

a flying car has been made came out about 2 years ago it cost 800,000 dollars

Answer #4

Flying car working prototypes and including a small number of production moidels have been made since the 1960’s. All of them are nothing more than a novelty. (I love the history channel, it’s almost the only one I watch) Now, my personal opinion: 1st: It would never happen because automobile production, sales, roadway maintenance, the manufacturing of car parts and the use of oil to make gasoline is so much a part of world economy that it can never go away or everyone would starve. 2nd: It takes training to fly and big fuel tanks to be able to “go to any country” as you said. 3rd: It aint gonna happen.

Answer #5

Fito, are you psychic? In the news this morning:


This one costs under 300,000 and 100 have been ordered already.. lol. Trying to imagine air traffic control.

Answer #6

no i just heard about in the news and i was wondering what would happen with the airplanes and things . My mind is always asking me about things and stuff lol.

Answer #7

by the way these flying cars are very expensive who can buy these cars.

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