Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)

Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I’m a little confused about all this, I don’t understand cars (._.)

Answer #1

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Answer #2

I don’t understand the US :P all I know is, in Aus, when you get your license you can drive your parents’ car for as long as you wish. You don’t have to buy and insure your own.

Answer #3

Not sure which country you are from but if you are from America, Australia etc, you would need to take out your own insurance, or your dad would need to nominate you as a driver under 21 years old. Your father’s car insurance premium would be very expensive as he would have a young driver who will be driving his car under his insurance. If you are from Australia, you cannot have two insurance policies for one car, therefore, either your dad takes out car insurance and have you as a 10% driver of his car or you take out insurance yourself and insurance the car as yours and your dad drives $10 of the time. Your insurance premium and excess would be massive, well over $1000 due to your age. Remember, it is better to take out insurance, especially if you hit another car and it is your fault, your insurance company will pay the other driver’s insurance company to get their car fixed. If you are not insured, the other driver can get their car repaired and their insurance company will chase you to cover the cost of getting the car fixed and can legally take you to court to retrieve the money.

Answer #4

Only if his parent’s nominates Adam as another driver who will be driving their car. His parents’ premium would be expensive and their excess for every claim they make would be around $800 or more. If his parents do not declare Adam is driving their car and he is involved in an accident, his parents’ car will not longer be legally insured and will get very messy.

Answer #5

If you are legally licensed, you can drive Any car in the US and can show proof of Insurance on the car being driven….doesn’t have to be YOUR car - YOUR car Ins. unless it is registered to you….

Answer #6

I live in the UK not US :3

Answer #7

You have go still either get your own insurance, or your parents have to add you as a driver which will jack up their insurance. So one way or another you/they will be paying more.

Answer #8

Don’t know where you are Samantha but my parents don’t have to do that.

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