What car is good for a first car? (read more)

Okay so I’ve just turned 16, and I’m looking for akin so that I can save up for my first car! However, I wanted you to read more so you don’t just say “Get a Corsa” or soothing like that because they are too small. Since I do a lot of biking, I’m looking for something close to a van? I would like to take me and my friends out a lot to some skate parks and places like that. So, what would you say a good first car type can would be? :)

Answer #1

if you picked a car you would really like to drive make sure that its manual ‘cause then you can pass on manual and automatic cars/vans which would be much better my mum once told me this :D however its up to you …

Answer #2

That made no sense haha I know nothing about cars but I’ll remember it for when I get one, thanks:D!

Answer #3

i would get a civic because they last long.but they are small.so idk i have a 1999 Honda civic stick shift and i get like 29 miles a gallon

Answer #4

hehe Im trying to say pass on an manuall car instead of automatic ‘cause you can then drive any car you like :D sorry …

Answer #5

Priority should be engine in good shape, gas mileage, and enough room…..Good Luck !

Answer #6

Is 29 miles good? I know nothing about cars!

Answer #7

What about a small SUV? Something like a Kia Soul. They’re small but roomy and are good on gas mileage. I know several people who have one and they all love it

Answer #8

thats really good!! most SUVs will only get like 20 or less.like my dads get like 14 on a good day.and my moms gets like 18

Answer #9

Here in the UK we have Vauxhaul ….and i have a Vauxhaul Astra Van 1.9CDTI SE150…its got a sport button,spoiler,alloys ect…but best thing is it will do 138mph unmapped…remapped and it will beat a Golf GTI….you dont need any quicker in a van…and it looks good too,for a van.

Answer #10

I would go for a gholf (yes, I did read that you need a van), however it has tons of storage space, especially if you remove the backseat. We do cycling and caving and use it a lot. Plus they are durable and they can drive offroad in some instances as well, so it works well if you are quite adventurous.

Answer #11

haha why not get a jeep? i loved my rubicon i hauled all my friends all over and we had room for our bikes in the back :D

Answer #12

A cheep one that runs XD though it’s all up to the person honestly. What suits one may not suit another.

Answer #13

I had to higher the ansti virus on the computer. I was being spammed from h3ll with car adds after answering this. WTH???

Answer #14

Yeah, Google or other search engines can pretty much detect what you are searching and then try to find the best ads for you so it makes searching more advanced. It’s so annoying! -_-

Answer #15

According to me Ford Classic Titanium is the best car as first car.Ford Motors has rolled out Ford Classic’ .Its first variant, Ford Classic Titanium arrived with a price tag of Rs. 6.86 lakh (petrol) and 7.82 lakh (diesel) in New Delhi. Ford is known for its fuel efficient cars and Ford Classic Titanium’s diesel and petrol version both are going to carry forward that tradition with a whooping mileage of 32.38 kmpl and 21.27 kmpl respectively (ARAI certified). [url=http://funadvice.com/r/16538rcv91l]

Answer #16

but my van remapped beats a golf lol..even beats a bad golf driver now unmapped….and its cheaper.

Answer #17

I have no anti virus for 2 months now and i still am running…turned off windows fire wall a year + ago and still nothin….I am just about to buy a new pc so dont care ….but nothins happening…I personaly think that if you allow microsoft and others to have some say on your internet activaties you can get viruses …me,fingers up t em all av got nothing at all yet..yet lol…but who knows the truth…I once downloaded itunes and a week later was filled with viruses…had to download this thing from some ex microsoft employee to rid my computer of the faults.,and uninstall itunes..all done i have never had anything since.

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