What would cause my car to keep stalling?

Answer #1

If it is cold where you live, your car will need more power to start. If your battery is old, it might be that the battery can’t provide that amount of power.

Get a loader cable and reload your battery. Then start your motor on “P” (if its an automatic) or on no gear (if it has a stick shift) and hit the gas pedal as soon as it makes the first sound. Then drive some distance to fully reload the battery.

If you can’t start with a reloaded battery, ask someone to repair the car.

Answer #2

It will just stop as I go down the street, no trouble startin it, and no warning b4 it stops

Answer #3

depending on year i would say carburetor is bad

Answer #4

the electronics might also be the problem. A deficient motor controller unit or a loose connection

Answer #5

Stalling could be lots of things. It could be a bad Engine Control Unit (ECU), exhaust oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor, worn fuel injectors, plugged PCV valve or fuel system vent, fowled spark plugs or cylinder carbon buildup. I’m sure there are lots more I haven’t thought of.

Answer #6

90% of the time this happens when the carborator is clogged. You need to get is flushed out.

Answer #7

Well I got it checked out and it was the fuel pump, thx for everyones answers though its much appreciated

Answer #8

Do you have a manual or automatic transmission?

Answer #9

Auto, its a 96 dodge stratus, don’t quote me on the yr though it may b a 95

Answer #10

if its a manual u probably dont shift gears at the right time

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