What is the best type of wax for a black car?


Answer #1

For black and other dark colors I like Mquire’s Gold Class. It works very well and I’m a person who keeps the vehicles waxed. Once in the spring and once in the fall. We have two dark blue vehicles and one silver….It’s the best stuff I’ve found.

Answer #2

I like to use Macguires clay bar, then Macguires spray/wipe wax

Answer #3

My dad has a black truck that he has owned for 6 years and it still looks like it did the day he brought it home new. He uses plain turtle wax, but he applies it and wipes it off with a cloth diaper. He also uses a diaper when he wipes it down with detailer :)

Answer #4

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Answer #5

Also, if you want your wax job to last, don’t use the soap at the car wash. It has small concentrations of acid in it to “eat” the dirt off, but it will also do the same to the wax. I take my own soap and bucket to the car wash and just use their water. I use mequiar’s wash soap, It says right on the bottle “will not remove wax”

Answer #6

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Answer #7

i really like Turtle Wax Color Magic!

Answer #8

Turtle Wax Color Magic! i use it twice a month on my car :)

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