What's the most important thing you should know about driving (DMV test related)?

Answer #1

Most of it is just common knowledge. I don’t really know if there is a most important thing but if there is I’m sure you could find it in your counties DMV book. Always wear yo seatbeltttt

Answer #2

Many of the details in the driver’s handbook might seem irrelevant or insignificant for your driving skills. However, knowing your numbers is an important part of the examination. Typical questions will deal with the speed limits in school zones, the distance you must keep to a fire post or a railroad crossing when you park your car. Other question might focus on the need for car insurance, the length of driver’s license suspensions or the penalties for some common moving violations…

Answer #3

Always consider your fellow drivers. How do you behave behind the wheel? Are you the totally ignorant fool that expects everyone on the road to watch out for you, or are you constantly watching for interactions, hazards and choices, being responsible and responsive? Don’t be “that person” please. When “those people” drive, they tend to kill people, including themselves…

Answer #4

If you aren’t one of “those people” then the driving tests will be a breeze. Just study well for the bookwork, and focus on driving safely. One more thing… I my experience, if you ever hit a single curb during the actual drive test, you will fail. Remember! Curb check=FAIL!!! :D good Luck!

Answer #5

Buckle up, keep both hands on the wheel, maintain the speed limit, be aware of the other drivers around you and follow at a safe distance.

Answer #6

Be 16 in NC..lol

Answer #7

driving rules

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