Is there anything I can put on my truck windows to stop them from fogging up when the humidity is high?

I don’t have heat in the truck so can’t use defroster or anything

Answer #1

. Although it is possible to obtain commercially manufactured disposable anti-fogging / anti-misting wipes, I find the following strategy works much better. . To minimize build up of condensation while parked up: ….. leave some old dry newspapers in the cab, as near to the windscreen as possible. They will absorb a lot of the moisture. . To clear any fogging immediately before driving: ….. wash the outside with warm water mixed with a little washing up liquid using a lint free cloth (eg. rags make from old cotton bed linen), then wring out a cloth and wipe over the inside with a warm barely moist lint free cloth that also carries a bit of detergent. . To clear any continued heavy fogging that reappears during driving: ….. carry a rubber edged window cleaning squeegee in a readily accessible position in the cab. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

Cool thx

Answer #3

For fogging up and ice on the outside of your windows try a rag soaked in salt. Rub it on the winshield and windows inside and out. I do this and it works great.

Answer #4

the easiest way is to turn on the aircon it de humidifies amost instantly after you get up and the news paper works too .

Answer #5

They do make an “antifog” fluid you can apply to your windows. Its made by Rain X. They probably sell other brands too.

Answer #6

I tried that but thx for the help anyways, I’m still at a lose as to what to do though, have tried everything

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