Is a 2008 Prius with 100,000 miles still reliable?

i am shopping for a car, i do not have enough money to buy a new Toyota Pruis. I have found an 2008 Prius with a little over 100000 miles for about 12000$. Is it a good deal, is it still reliable? i have also heard some stories about battery… i would appreciate your help.

Answer #1

it is worth $10,700 IF it is in excellent condition, and it drops to $8,000 in fair condition. (I was guessing at the options) It sounds a bit too high a price to me. You can go to to get the current value since you know all the options it has. Don’t forget to ask for a carfax so you will know the history of the car.

Answer #2

100,000 is alot. I’d take it to a mechanic before buying it(which is allowed if the seller allows) and get it checked out. They would be able to tell you better than we can. If the seller doesn’t allow it, don’t buy it. Chances are, they are hiding something.

Answer #3

Have a reliable mechanic ck it out first…

Answer #4

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Answer #5

I put 172,000 miles on a Toyota Starlet. I did have to fix a head gasket once and the air conditioner and brakes a few times but other than that it was trouble free (still on the original clutch!). At 172K it was totaled by a hit-and-run so no telling how long it would have gone. A Prius with 100K on the clock could run a long time but as Niky said, have a mechanic look it over for any problems.

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