What's the first thing I should do when I get my car?

I want to show it off lol gunna he an 2009 Nissan altima

Answer #1

Drive it?

Answer #2

And wash it if it needs it :)

Answer #3

Driving it to show off your “skills” would be nice. Performing any affordable DIY maintenance is something else too.

Answer #4

Road trip!

Answer #5

Well I have my car, still can’t drive it, but I would get it to a car wash and pay like 20$ for the full package. I mean mine is not as new (‘96 4Runner). Still, don’t do anything stupid (street racing, and whatnot). Go out to the movies with some friends and give them a ride. Just so they can see it and stuff.

Answer #6

Spend time with it, drive, maybe even wash it.

Answer #7

Congratulations! Those are nice looking and reliable cars. First thing would be to do a walk around and specially check the condition of the tires and that they have the correct amount of air as indicated on the driver side door panel. You would need a tire air pressure gauge. Do not trust the gauge at the air pump. More than likely the tires air pressure would not be correct. Sometimes many maintenance facilities and car installer put too much air in the tires also check that the spare tire has air. If the car is from 2009 more than likely your spare tire has not been used in years and it probably lost most of the air. That tire is what is called a temporary spare tire and it would require 60PSI for it to work. Tires lose air even if there is no damage.

Then check the oil level, and that all the lights and windshield wipers work.

Also you need to verify that your vehicle is properly insured and that you have your registration and insurance card easily accessible in case that you get pulled over or if you get in an accident and also make sure that you have your drivers licence with you.

Answer #8

Make sure it’s insured….

Answer #9

Detail it out. & when you get ready to drive it. Buckle up, focus on your surroundings. Share the road & no texting. And overall, just be responsible. It’s a privilege. Have fun!

Answer #10

Drive it and learn all things about it.

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