oil level and smoke from mondeo

my 2002 mk3 mondeo 1.8 petrol duratec engine has 134000 miles on the clock but the last while i noticed that im putting more oil into it around 3 litres a month i do about 200-250 miles a week i spend about €40-50 a week on petrol at 1.60 a litre and while in low revs it gives a rattle while accelarating and then straight after a puff of smoke for only a second it look a bluesh colour i think, hard to keep looking back and in low gears going slow it starts to jump a small bit like it hessates to go then goes could any of this be to do with the fuel filter been cloged.

Answer #1

Well the fuel filter has nothing to do with oil consumption.

Oil consumption could be a number of things such as a broken or bad piston rings, bad valve guide seals ect. Assuming you don’t have any major leaks like a rear main seal for example, Which wouldn’t cause it to smoke, so I’m thinking valve guide seals (expensive)

BUT if this just started happening, you might get lucky and just have a bad pcv valve (positive crankcase ventilation) when it goes bad or is plugged up, you will have oil consumption. Very inexpensive and easy to replace.

Since you drive a lot of miles each week, taking time to have your car serviced regularly is very important………..little things can be caught and fixed before they become a big problem.

Answer #2

P.S. The ratlle is because the lifters are starving for oil. If you don’t fix this soon you will burn the engine up.

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