How do you legalize a car from a foreign country?

How do I legalize a foreign car or ATV from Mexico here to the US? What is the procedure and what paper work would i need to present at where ever it is that i have to go? and how much does it cost?

Answer #1

From where is the car coming from? Usually once it arrives at the port, they will hand you the proper documentation that will allow you a temporary permit to drive it home. Once at home you will need proof of ownership, usually a bill of sale from where the car was purchased and also a title. You will take that information and go on to your state DMV and see what else they will require. Most of the time you can go to the DMV website and download the forms and they will also have information on what do you need. Before you get it registered at the DMV you will also need to put insurance on the vehicle and have it pass and inspection. Sometimes even an emissions inspection will be needed. After that you will visit the DMV and pick a number and wait in line, you will hand your paperwork answer a few questions and they will hand you your new plates and give you your registration.

Answer #2

I forgot how much it cost! lol…. Ok well, Be prepare to at least have around $500 dollars for a car that is less than 5 years old. Inspection could be anywhere from $15 to $50. And that is if it passes the inspection. If it doesn’t pass, you will need to pay extra for the repairs and who knows how much that could cost. Like if the tires don’t pass you may need new tires and that could easily be $400 dollars. Then who knows how much will insurance will cost you. At the DMV you need to pay taxes based on the cost of the vehicle. Every state is different on property taxes. So for example if your state charges you 3% on the cost of your car and the car is valued at $7,000 then you will owe the DMV $210 plus like another $80 dollars for the plates, registration and other fees.

Answer #3

Oh I see, okay. Well thanks for your help :)

Answer #4

You are welcome. :)

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