Is it possible to convert an ATV to a Go-kart?

I’m not talking about taking parts from an atv and adding them to a go kart build, but to actually cut the frame up and make it more like a go kart (as well as add any additional frame work). I have thought about it, but don’t know if it would work. I’m thinking about making a “Doom kart” for if the world goes to utter kaos or just to roll around in for fun. it will be armoured just in case. I’m talking about full on metal grid paneling on every possible area and of course all the safety stuff like seat belts and a reinforced roll cage. It will be awesome. Just looking for the cheapest way to build it and an atvs’ has everything i need and where i live atvs come cheap when people just want to get rid of them.

Answer #1

If you can get the right suspenders and switch the steering mechanism it would be possible to an extent.

but its still hard work, as i see it, you’d need to exchange or modify at least 80% of the mechanism inside the ATV, change the motor around to a new location (from the bottom to the back) and every tube that goes to the motor has to be changed or modified…. the exhaust has to be re made etc. etc.

possible but very time consuming

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